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IT Industry Leader Brett Coryell joined Northern Illinois University on Monday as their first ever Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Technology. Corywell is now responsible for oversight of the University’s Information Technology infrastructure. He reports directly to NIU President Doug Baker, and also serves as a member of his cabinet.

The announcement of Coryell as CIO came alongside news that two other University presidents would no longer work for NIU. These changes come as part of Baker’s efforts to decrease inefficiencies across the organization in order to save money and aid in recruitment and retention.

New Data Warehouse for NIU

Coryell will start his tenure with a bang as he plans to implement an innovative data warehouse.

“Brett’s skillset and experience in proving IT functions and integrating technological resources from across the university will serve him well at NIU,” said Baker. “I expect that he will hit the ground running in an effort to set up the university’s new data warehouse.”

Corywell brings a wealth of IT industry and higher-education IT experience as he recently spent the last nine years leading two top universities as a deputy CIO at Purdue University (his Alma Mater), and most recently at Emory University. Prior to his run in higher education, Coryell held multiple senior management positions at Sprint. There he oversaw a range of IT operations including application development, infrastructure, and the introduction of new mobile devices.

“I’ve been fortunate to have wide-ranging experiences. That helps me be a worthy partner in the many types of conversations IT encounters in an institution as diverse as NIU,” Coryell explained. Prior to joining the IT industry, Coryell spent time working as a teacher and also as a technologist.

Coryell received his undergraduate degree in physics from Purdue, and an M.S. in computer science from the University of Virginia.

Looking Toward the Future

“NIU has some mind share farther outside the confines of Illinois than most people would believe. NIU stands for something bigger than itself. This university is going places, and if I can have a chance to be a part of that, I am ready to help make positive change.”

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