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Last week Ovation Brand announced the promotion of IT industry leader Patrick Benson, Senior VP of Information Technology, to Chief Information Officer. Benson will be responsible for overseeing the IT operations of all of Ovation Brand’s 334 restaurants located in 35 states. Benson has, and will continue to, lead initiatives as part of the company’s reinvention.

IT Environment Reinvention

Benson, who has been with the company since 2013, has developed a company-wide infrastructure and business application transformation roadmap. The plan involves leveraging Oracle ERP cloud solutions; converting the POS environment to Micros Simphony; and upgrading POS with iCare Loyalty, Mobile POS, and enhanced PCI security. He is also involved in deploying CrunchTime Information Systems for restaurant food production, team management and supply chain solutions.

“The new systems that we have incorporated at Ovation enable our management and staff to spend more time focusing on the business and guest experience,” said Benson. “These new solutions provide our enterprise with the enhanced technology and control needed to better operate our business.”

IT Industry Leader for Consumer Product Organizations

Prior to joining Ovation Brands, Benson has served as an IT industry leader for many big-name consumer product and retail organizations. He served in multiple senior IT roles at PepsiCo global business, as Cadbury’s Vice President of the Americas, as Vice President of Enterprise IT for Supervalu, and as CIO for Lighthouse International.

Benson is looking to reevaluate all IT functions and solutions in the coming months and likely will be open to hearing your pitch during Ovation’s reinvention. In a recent study DiscoverOrg found that CIOs are likely to spend a large portion of their budget in the first three months of tenure. Pick up the phone and make a case for your product or service.

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