IT INDUSTRY ALERT: Pandora Shakes Things up With Two Huge Leadership Changes

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Leading internet radio service provider Pandora Media announced two huge leadership changes last week as Tom Conrad, Pandora’s Chief Technology Officer, announced his resignation. Effective immediately, Chris Martin will serve as Chief Technology Officer and Steve Ginsberg as Chief Information Officer. Although Conrad is stepping down from his current position he is not leaving the IT industry just yet. Conrad is expected to continue on full-time for the next quarter and then shift to a part-time advisory role for the company’s leadership team.


“As I look at the revitalized executive leadership team he [Brian McAndrews, CEO] has put in place, consider the great leaders on my own team, and contemplate the exciting roadmap we’ve set for the future, I’ve decided that all the pieces are in place to allow me to step aside and let others write the next chapters,” said Conrad in a blog post last week.

Leadership Changes Across the Board

These changes in leadership fall in line with Pandora’s ongoing management overhaul, which has taken place gradually over the past year. In September, Pandora tapped Brian McAndrew, advertising executive and venture capitalist, as the company’s CEO. The company is rumored to be searching for a Chief Product Officer, and it was only a few weeks ago that Pandora named Sara Clemens as its new Chief Strategy Officer, a position that had been held by Tim Westergren, one of the company’s founders.
“I’m excited to promote two top technology leaders to these important positions. Both have established impressive track records leading Pandora’s strong team of technologists. It’s great to have the bench strength to promote internally, which provides new opportunities for proven leaders and maintains the continuity of business priorities,” said McAndrews.

Technology Leaders Means Field Leader

In recent years music streaming has become an increasingly crowded field. Pandora continues to set itself apart as a leader in the industry by unceasing evolution and change. Their leadership team is strategically composed of IT industry leaders who are fresh and innovative. Seemingly, Pandora’s strategic leadership changes are paying off as the company’s stock has more than tripled in the last two years.
Ginsberg most recently served as the company’s Vice President of Technical Operations where he was responsible for managing Pandora’s infrastructure, internal enterprise systems and IT. He will now report to Mike Herring, Pandora’s Chief Financial Officer.
“I’m looking forward to building on the great foundation that Tom has established,” said Ginsberg. “As Pandora continues to grow, we need to ensure our technology resources are optimized to deliver the best experience possible for listeners, partners and advertisers.”
Martin, who has been with the company since 2004, most recently served as Vice President of Engineering where he was responsible for software development, customer service, product support, and device development and certification. He will now report to McAndrews.
“Our team of engineers has developed some of the most innovative music technology in the world and changed the way we all consume music,” said Martin. “Tom and I have built an incredibly strong team, and I am energized by the opportunity to help Pandora drive forward the future of radio.”

Your Opportunity

As Pandora continues to strategically tap IT industry leaders into joining their team, we can only watch (and listen) with anticipation as they continue to hold their position as leader in music streaming. With the revolving door of leadership changes happening within the company, we can surely look forward to the company evolving and evaluating all aspects of their IT environment. The time and opportunity for you to sell you product or service to Pandora is now, as the company critically evaluates the functionality of their current environment.

DiscoverOrg recently conducted a survey of Chief Information Officers who had been in their new position for less than six months. The results showed overwhelming that big changes happen in the first six months. Results concluded that in the IT industry, 25% of survey respondents said that they spent over $1 million, and 71% of those IT industry leaders did so in the first three months of their new position. So as Ginsberg and Martin work to optimize the functionality of the company, we know that they’ll be waiting to hear what you have to offer.

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