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Last week, leading Travel Commerce Platform provider, Travelport, named Matt Minetola as its new Chief Information Officer. Minetola, who joins the company most recently from HP Financial Services where he served as CIO, will be charged with leading the company’s technology services.

Upcoming Initiatives

“Matt joins Travelport in a key role for our business at an important stage in our growth as a company.  Our Travel Commerce Platform is by definition a technology-led offering where we are breaking new ground in the delivery of exciting innovations in airline merchandising, hotel distribution, corporate travel management systems and B2B payments,” said Gordon Wilson, Travelport’s President and CEO. “Matt’s experience and expertise of driving change, managing scale and complexity across both applications development and infrastructure gained in very relevant industries to our own make him a great addition to our team.”

The company, which operates in the $7 trillion travel and tourism industry, has plenty of ambitious technology initiatives planned in the near future. TravelPort has indicated recent interest in developing and implementing reusable logging, caching and security services. The company also plans to implement new solutions related to Travelport’s Atlassian JIRA solution, which they currently leverage as a requirements management tool. They are planning several identity management initiatives, including the development and implementation of automated identity management capabilities. They’ve also indicated interest in developing automated infrastructure solutions that will reduce IT management and IT infrastructure in an effort to increase efficiency. Minetola will responsible for the oversight and direction of these upcoming initiatives.

Then and Now

Minetola, who spent the last 14 years at HP in a variety of technology roles, received his Bachelor’s degree from Penn State and has since gained almost 30 years of global IT experience. Minetola also served in leadership positions at First USA/BankOne, Dun and Bradstreet, Compaq, and

“It is not often that the opportunity comes along to join a leading business, like Travelport, which has already commenced fundamental improvements within its industry. With the creation of the Travel Commerce Platform, Travelport has already begun to change the way travel products are distributed, sold, and paid for on a global basis,” said Minetola. “I look forward to building on that foundation and applying my experience across the entire breadth of the Travelport team, such that we realize the full growth potential of the business over the coming years.”

As Minetola strives to maximize efficiency within Travelport’s IT department, DiscoverOrg will be first to report on progress and challenges he faces. Our analysts have found that the C-Suite spends a large portion of their budget in their first three months of tenure. Think your product or service could help Minetola with any of his initiatives? Now is a great time to reach out. Stay in front of opportunities with DiscoverOrg’s Triggers, alerting you of selling opportunities happening at your target accounts.

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