IT Industry Alert: Yahoo! Appoints New CISO After Company’s Security Suffers

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leadership-moves2-300x201Yahoo! announced Monday that they have appointed veteran security executive Alex Stamos as its Chief Information Security Officer. Prior to joining Yahoo! Stamos served as Chief Technology Officer of Artemis. He is also the co-founder of iSEC Partners, an IT industry security services and consulting firm, and primary organizer of TrustyCon, a security conference, which was held in San Francisco on Thursday.

Push for Security Involvement at Executive Level

Stamos succeeds Yahoo!’s former CISO Justin Somaini who left his position in January of 2013. Speculations surrounding Somaini’s exit suggest that his resignation was due in part to the hacking problems that happened with the refreshed Yahoo Mail.

Stamos will report to Jay Rossiter, Senior Vice President of Platforms and Personalization for Yahoo!, and not CEO Marissa Mayer, as was previously rumored.

“This is a broad role which includes implementing top-to-bottom security for our products and systems but also to lead the company and the industry in not just how security works today but how it needs to work in the future,” said Rossiter.

Recent Security Issues

Stamos joins Yahoo! in a peculiar time, as their IT industry reliability reputation has suffered in recent months. The company, along with Google, has reportedly been profiled by the NSA and GCHW, who infiltrated information belonging to Yahoo by zeroing in on information in transit between data centers. Last month, Yahoo! experienced an ad-related malware attack putting two million Yahoo! users’ personal data at risk.

Your Opportunity

Stamos, a well-respected IT industry researcher in the field of web applications security and web services, will be expected to strengthen the security of Yahoo! services and to restore the reliability reputation amongst users. He will be evaluating all aspects of Yahoo!’s security and infrastructure, and undoubtedly making big changes and decisions that will dictate the future of the company.

We recently surveyed CIOs who had been in their new position for less than six months. Results showed that 25% of them spent over $1 million, and 71% of those IT industry leaders did so in the first three months of their new position. This is your golden opportunity to get in touch with Stamos, and make the case for your product or service. Stamos has a long road of restoring security and confidence in Yahoo!, and its users. You can help.


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