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Last week security software maker Qualys announced that Yousuf Khan will join the company as their first ever Chief Information Officer.  Prior to joining Qualys, Khan served as CIO of Hult International Business School where he helped educate and enhance global IT industry standards and strategies. Khan received his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Kings College London.

As Qualys expands their market potential and looks toward the future, we implore you to find your opportunity for partnerships.

Worldwide Service Provider

Qualys’ Cloud Platform and integrated suite of solutions aims to help businesses simplify security operations and lower the cost of compliance. Qualys provides cloud software to the IT industry that scans computer networks for malware, and tracks lapses in corporate security compliance. Qualys’ service is used by more than 6,000 customers worldwide, and performs over a billion IP scans and audits every year.

Expansion Into Threat Prevention

Qualys hopes to increase its share of what Gartner Inc. believes will be nearly a $73 billion market for security technologies in 2014. Khan joins Qualys with a wealth of IT industry knowledge and experience managing technologies for a global organization, and is expected to help support the company’s efforts to expand communication and collaboration capabilities across 106 countries. Khan will help the company to build online training courses to teach customers how Qualys’ products work, and will support the company’s ultimate goal of global IT industry expansion into threat prevention.

Khan will work to boost company sales by integrating Qualys software with cloud apps from vendors such as Google, Box Inc., Netsuite, and Marketo. To accomplish these goals, Khan will likely require new technology, new services and new partnerships. This is where you come in.

Open to Change

We recently surveyed CIOs who had been in their new position less than 6 months. Results showed that 25% of them spent over $1 Million and 71% of those IT leaders did so in their first three months in their new position. So while Khan is asked to help Qualys expand communication and collaboration capabilities and ultimately push into threat prevention, you are given the opportunity to make a case for your products are services.

“It’s an exciting time to join and there’s an exciting pipeline of work to be done,” Khan told CIO Journal.


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