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This week Standard Register –a communications services firm for commercial, financial services, healthcare and industrial markets– announced Diana Tullio has been promoted to Chief Information Officer, and Terry Williams will join Standard Register as Vice President, Customer Facing Technology.  The leadership changes come with a great deal of opportunity and growth for Standard Register, and also a great IT sales lead for you.

Find Your Opportunity

These leadership changes come as a reflection of statements made by Joseph P. Morgan, Jr., President and CEO, regarding the company’s efforts to leverage the IT department and grow Standard Register solutions.

“The appointment of these individuals reaffirms Standard Register’s commitment to the digital transformation of its business,” said Morgan, ““Through these roles, Diana and Terry will leverage technology to grow the company’s solutions and service offerings while maintaining a secure environment for all data, enabling critical communications and facilitating the best customer experience. I look forward to seeing where their knowledge and expertise take Standard Register.”

Know Your Audience

Tullio started at Standard Register in August 2012 as Director, Business Technology and was quickly promoted to Vice President in early 2013. Prior to joining Standard Register, Tullio served as Vice President for both NCR and WorkflowOne. She holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Georgia and an MBA in Global Management from University of Phoenix.

Find Where You Fit in

Tullio’s new role will provide her ample room for growth and adaptation. She will likely be open to new ideas, services and technologies, making this a strong IT sales lead.  Specifically, Tullio will be accountable for all investments in Standard Register’s technology infrastructure systems and services, technology support services, and the provision of business process application services.

We recently surveyed CIOs who had been in their new position less than 6 months. Results showed that 25% of them spent over $1 Million and 71% of those IT leaders did so in the first three months in their new position. So while Tullio and Williams are being asked to grow the company’s technology products and services while maintaining a secure environment, you are given the opportunity to make a case for your products and services.

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