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Labor Day is over. Get back to work.

It’s time to pack away your white clothes and get back to the grind. We know you’re starting to feel the pressure as the end of Q3 draws to a close (we’re feeling it too!). Time is your most precious asset, and at this stage of the game, we know you’re trying to cram a whole lot in your day to meet your numbers.

We’re here to help.

Did you know that most sales people spend less than 1/3 of their day actually selling? Salespeople who are equipped with intel on their prospects are able to target accounts that have the HIGHEST propensity to buy.

Knowing key leadership moves, pain points, and upcoming initiatives can help you uncover which accounts might be most receptive to your call, helping you to prioritize your call list. Not to mention, when you understand the needs and wants of a prospect before the initial call, you’re better positioned to become their greatest ally in the fight to solve their unique business problems.

DiscoverOrg reports on thousands of these scoops weekly, giving you an unfair advantage over your competition by anticipating your prospect’s needs.

Check out these examples of what our in-house research team was first to report on last week.


Hilton Worldwide has recently named Jim Bahr as the company’s new Vice President, Corporate Systems. Previously, Bahr served as Senior Director, Corporate Systems at NeuStar. Hilton is currently evaluating solutions including Dell and Accenture to support upcoming IT information security projects with a focus on network security and is expected to invest about $3 million towards these initiatives. Sources have also indicated plans for major initiatives focused on disaster recovery.

Andrew (Drew) Ritger, Jr has recently joined Sonic Restaurants as Senior VP, Development (East Region). Ritger is responsible for the company’s real estate site selection, marketing strategy, area development agreements, and franchise sales. The organization is currently planning IT initiatives related to the sourcing of a new human resource information system (HRIS) to support the company’s growth.

Last week Hertz Global named Kristin Waechter-Bollin as the organization’s Vice President, IT Financial Systems. Previously, Wachter-Bollin served as Vice President, Corporate Systems at Hilton Worldwide. Sources have indicated plans for initiatives related to the upgrade and enhancement of Oracle Siebel CRM applications. The organization also recently completed an upgrade and migration from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7.


Barilla America is in the midst of initiatives surrounding customer experience solutions and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. They are also currently focused on initiatives related to digital advertising software, mobile marketing solutions, and marketing automation. The organization is planning major initiatives related to content management software over the next 3-6 months. Currently, Barilla is focused on initiatives related to eCommerce platforms.

New York Life is in the midst of initiatives related to marketing business intelligence and analytics. The organization is planning major initiatives over the next 6-12 months related to predictive analytics. They are also focused on planning initiatives related to customer experience solutions and customer relationship management (CRM) systems within the next 6-12 months. New York Life is planning to invest more than $3 million towards initiatives that will support the redesign of the company’s website.

Sources have indicated that Time Warner is interested in initiatives related to application enhancement and adding new functionality to its IBM FileNet Content Manager. The company is planning a multi-year initiative to migrate its entire portfolio of applications from legacy dedicated-hardware and infrastructure models to a platform as a service (PaaS) and cloud infrastructure. There is also an indication for a strong interest in initiatives related to the implementation of SAP HANA and Fiori.


Without contextual data, like DiscoverOrg’s intel, you’re flying blind through lists of names. Stop wasting your time – and your prospect’s – and start selling smarter by prioritizing your day, having meaningful conversations, and targeting key decision makers who are MOST likely to need your services.

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