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Adage after adage touts persistence as a trait of someone with strong character. If at first you don’t succeed, brush yourself off and try again, said one brilliant 90s popstar

However, the truth is somewhere between persistence and effectiveness. While brushing off and trying again (over AND over again) is a valuable sales skill, getting to the account quickly often takes priority.

In fact, research shows that the first vendor to contact a buyer wins the business over 70% of the time. With that said, relying solely on being persistent and neglecting the power of perfect timing is just simply not as effective.

The good news is that there ARE tools that can help make your job much easier!

DiscoverOrgs Triggers show what pain points, leadership moves, and initiatives an organization is currently facing. These are great indications of what challenges the organization is and will be facing the future.

These scoops are primed selling opportunities – where all signs indicate that a prospecting is ready, willing, and able to purchase. In other words, these are the accounts that you want to be the first to contact.

We uncover 1,000s of these scoops every week. Check out some of the major selling opportunities that our research team was first to report on last week:


Charleston Area Medical Center Health System has appointed Rocky Blake to Interim Chief Information Officer. Blake will replace recently-retired, Greg Veitri. The organization is currently in the final phases of implementing Siemens Soarian product line in its three emergency departments. They also recently completed an upgrade to Soarian version 3.4.

Micron Technology has appointed Trevor Schulze to Chief Information Officer, effective July 13th. In this role, Schulze will oversee IT and support global operations in the midst of company growth initiatives for information use. Schulze comes to Micron from Broadcom Corp, where he served as Vice President, Corporate Enterprise Applications. The company is planning to implement new systems aimed at extracting data from the companys manufacturing systems in an effort to drive improvements.

Procter & Gamble recently named Linda Clement-Holmes to the role of Chief Information Officer following the departure of Filippo Passerini. Sources have indicated that the company has increased their investment toward cyber security efforts, including the prevention and remediation of malware and cyber security breaches. They recently announced the development of an up to 50-megawatt biomass plant that will help run the companys largest facility in a partnership with Constellation. Procter & Gamble is also in the midst of testing software from startup Emotient to try out the companys analytics solutions that read customers emotions as they sample products.


Airbnb is planning initiatives to address network resource use, data classification, mobile device use and information protection. They are also planning to increase internal security awareness through organization-wide training on procedures and protocols. Plus, Airbnb is in the early phases of business process automation and enterprise system integration related initiatives. They also recently developed a new open source data tool called Airpal. The tool, which is built on top of the PrestoDB open source query engine and managed by Apache Hive data warehouse software in Hadoop, has been gaining unanticipated traction at the organization with about a third of employees having used it at some point for querying internal data. The company is currently building a global Unified Communications solution leveraging Cisco voice and video platforms.

Toys R Us is planning to transition from outsourcing services for the companys eCommerce platform and operations to in-housing operations within the next 12 months. Sources have indicated plans to develop and deploy a new platform for various company websites including Toysrus.com, Barbiesrus.com and FAO.com to improve digital customer experience in the next 12 months. The company is working to define and incorporate ITIL best practices with Cloud Data Center and Hosting providers, including capacity planning, change, configuration, and incident management. Toys R Us is also setting the networking, storage, UNIX/Windows systems, and performing monitoring strategic direction.

Moodys is planning to develop a strategy that will support the adoption of cloud services across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and hybrid cloud solutions. The organization is currently in the midst of MPLS WAN initiatives that aim to drive the use of collaborative voice, data, and video technologies. Moodys has also indicated an interest in the deployment of solutions that will optimize the companys wide area network (WAN) and bandwidth use.

By leveraging Scoops, youre able to capitalize on timing and reach your ideal prospects at time where they are receptive to your call. Its safe to say that THIS can be your competitive advantage in the sales process.

To learn more about Sales Intelligence and how you can leverage scoops to help your team set more demos, shorten sales cycles, and close more deals schedule a personalized demo with us today.


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