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We’ve made a commitment to your success – to report on the biggest happenings in the IT industry. From major leadership changes to new initiatives and pain points, DiscoverOrg works hard to show you right where the most prime selling opportunities are. The next step is on you.

Now that nearly 2/3 of the sales cycle is already completed by the time a prospect reaches out to the vendor, it’s becoming increasingly important that vendors get in front of the prospect EARLY and OFTEN throughout the buying cycle. But when is the right time?

DiscoverOrg’s Triggers show what pain points, leadership moves, and initiatives an organization is currently experiencing. These are also great indications of what challenges they will be facing in the near future. Scoops are primed selling opportunities, where all signs indicate that a prospect is ready, willing, and able to purchase.

If you’re already a DiscoverOrg customer, you probably saw these great scoops. If not, check out some of the latest hot selling opportunities that our in-house research team uncovered in the last week.


Kohl’s Corporation recently promoted Rich Mozack to Senior VP, Technology Service to Chief Information Officer. Mozack fills the role previously held by Janet Schalk who announced her departure earlier this month. The company is planning to enable the use of Apple Pay for customers across all stores within the next three months. Kohl’s is also planning to integrate the company’s private credit card and Yes2You Rewards loyalty program with Apple Pay services. In addition, They are preparing to launch a new in-store model for the company’s mobile app within the next two months to drive shopper engagement.

Meridian Health Plan has named Bridget Kravchenko as Chief Information Security Officer. Previously, Kravchenko served as Director, IS Security, Vendor Management & Compliance at Merito. The organization recently completed a mailbox migration from Microsoft Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2013. Sources have also indicated that the company recently completed a central management store database migration from Microsoft Lync 2010 to Lync 2013.

WebMD has appointed Mark McNamara as Vice President, Infrastructure Operations & Corporate Technology. Previously, McNamara served as Vice President, IT Operations & Security at Weight Watchers International. The organization recently implemented secure HTTP standards and updated the company’s transport layer security (TLS) cipher suites to enhance information security.


Mayo Clinic is planning IT projects related to mobile and application security solutions, and sources have indicated upcoming plans for IT initiatives focused on cloud, web-based, and mobile applications. The organization has indicated increased interest in the development of the Mayo Clinic’s unified data platform and data solutions to support the organization’s efforts to reduce operational costs.

McDonald’s is planning to deploy a newly-selected global cloud-based learning management system (LMS). Sources have indicated that the organization is interested in the development of data analysis solutions to support global supply chain efforts. Sources have also indicated initiatives related to the development and optimization of a reporting dashboard to support data-driven decision making related to the global and market supply chain operations. McDonald’s is planning initiatives to integrate web and mobile (iOS and Android) digital channels, middleware platforms, and backend eCommerce systems.

Sources have indicated that Eddie Bauer is interested in evaluating solutions to support planned application development and data center initiatives. The organization is planning migration initiatives related to the move from the company’s current IBM iSeries and VMware platforms to a new solution, and are interested in implementing network security based initiatives. Eddie Bauer is planning to replace legacy radio frequency (RF) based devices and inventory to support system migration initiatives and is expected to replace the legacy units with Motorola devices.

We stand by our commitment to your success, and will continue delivering thousands of these Scoops to you weekly.

Why does this help you? Well, research shows that the first vendor to contact a buyer wins the business over 70% of the time. We’ve built our business on giving you the best chance at being a part of that 70%. Gain access to the most up-to-date information on your prospect accounts (and verified contact information) and be that first vendor to reach out.


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