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While the modern B2B sales game is always evolving, there are three things, says Sales Hacker, which will always be crucial when selling to today’s hyper connected customer. While these best practices are focused on a winning customer service experience, they are also imperative for closing your top accounts:

#1. Customer service that is hyper personalized

#2. Real-time insight to address customer needs and problems

#3. Continuous customer nurturing

In order to deliver hyper personalized, targeted messaging to your prospects you must truly understand their needs and their business. Further, you must glean deep insight into projects, initiatives, and pain points that your prospects are experiencing in order to talk specifically as to how your solution can help.

With DiscoverOrg’s Scoops, you’ll have access to 1,000s of scoops happening in real-time throughout your target market, which will enable you  to craft your messaging specifically around your target account and address their business challenges by providing real insight into how you can help.

Check out a sample of scoops that our in-house research team uncovered this week.


Papa John’s International has promoted John Smith from Senior Director, Application Development to Vice President, Enterprise Systems & Services. Smith is filling a role previously held by Terry Foster. The organization has selected the Red e App mobile communications platform to increase operational efficiency across the organization. Sources have indicated an interest in the development of security solutions surrounding the protection and enforcement of network controls for data and systems.

Naveen Jayaraman has been promoted from Director, IT eCommerce to L’Oreal USA’s Associate VP, Global IT. Sources have indicated an interest in initiatives related to the development of solutions leveraging SAP Master Data. The organization has also indicated interest in evaluating new technologies for the company’s research & innovation applications. L’Oreal is currently in the midst of an enterprise-wide integration of Salesforce.com with core master and transactional data systems, such as POS and sales data. The integration architecture for the project is based on Informatica PowerCenter ETL and web-service technologies.

Rutgers has announced the appointment of Michele Norin as Vice President, Information Technology & CIO. Donald (Don) Smith, who currently holds the role, will be retiring within the next two months. The university is experiencing challenges related to cyber security attacks, including DDoS attacks, against the central authentication server and various online services at the university. Sources have indicated an interest in investing up to $3 million towards solutions to support information security initiatives following a year of network connectivity issues potentially related to hacker and DDoS activity.


Popeyes is planning projects related to eCommerce tools and platforms worth up to $250,000 over the next 6-12 months. The organization is also planning to invest up to a combined $200,000 towards projects associated with search engine marketing and social media management software within in the next year, and $500,000 towards projects focused on customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Sources have indicated that Steve Madden plans to spend up to $250,000 to support major upcoming projects focused on customer relationship management (CRM) system and digital asset management system. The organization is planning to invest up to $100,000 to support major upcoming marketing projects related to customer experience solutions. Sources indicate plans to begin evaluating solutions, such as Rocket Fuel, in the next 3 to 6 months to support planned initiatives focused on mobile marketing solutions. Steven Madden is expected to spend about $100,000 to support these efforts. The company is currently leveraging the use of consulting services to support these projects.

Girl Scouts is in the midst of migrating to Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to support integration across systems. The organization is planning initiatives related to the build out of marketing and digital marketing solutions. They are planning to implement a PMO process the delivery of upcoming transformation initiatives. Girl Scouts is also planning to evaluate new strategic, high-impact, and cross-functional initiatives to add to the company’s upcoming project management (PMO) efforts.


Once you’ve nailed down some top accounts, we can help you get in touch with your prospects directly. Forget calling into switchboards or guessing email addresses. With access to the most up-to-date information on your prospect accounts (and verified contact information) you are well on your way to controlling the sales cycle, and staying on top of the modern B2B sales game.

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