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It’s time for a change.

You’ve been doing your same sales routine for far too long, and honestly, it’s not working.

The typical morning looks a little like this: You come into the office bright and early, grab a cup of coffee, and start dialing.

Let me guess, for every 100 calls you make you get 2 or 3 good prospects on the phone willing to hear you out? We think your process sucks.

Instead of wasting your time calling through lists of outdated prospects, you should be targeting those who are MOST likely to buy your product.

DiscoverOrg’s Intel gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to have a first look at leadership changes, projects, and spending initiatives happening across the nation. That’s what we refer to as proactive sales & marketing intelligence. These are primed selling opportunities, which indicate that the buyer is ready, willing, and able to purchase your product. Start your sales routine off with a constantly refreshed database of prime opportunities –curated for your unique prospecting needs –, and start prioritizing your day by calling your hottest leads first.

Check out a sample of some of the best opportunities that our in-house research team has uncovered in the last week.


Hewlett-Packard has named Scott Spradley as Chief Information Officer, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise replacing Ramon Baez, who was recently appointed to the role of Senior VP of HP Enterprise’s customer advocacy organization. HP recently completed the split of the company’s internal IT systems to support plans to officially split into HP Inc. and HP Enterprise on November 1. The company is internally operating as two separate companies as of August 1. Sources have unveiled that the company will be cutting more jobs in Houston to reduce cost.

QuikSilver has named Eric Boes as Head of IT (Americas) reporting to Jose Ciedera, Chief Information Officer. The organization recently completed the implementation of SAP ECC 6.0. The company hired a consultant to assist with the project. Sources have indicated that QuikSilver is interested in IT initiatives related to the development and deployment of EDI solutions.

Helen Sun has recently joined Motorola Solutions as the company’s Vice President, Enterprise Architecture. The organization is planning to implement a new ERP system to regain full system ownership and replace a legacy solution that is now partially owned by Zebra Technologies Corporation. Motorola recently evaluated the use of R Hadoop and R Hive solutions to support data loading and extraction efforts. They have previously leveraged the R programming language to support unstructured data mining.


SC Johnson & Son is currently evaluating solutions including VMware ESKi to support upcoming virtualization based projects over the next 6-12 months. The company is planning to invest up to $750,000 to support these initiatives. The company is also planning to invest up to $750,000 to support planned IT initiatives focused on disaster recovery over the following 6-12 months.

SC Johnson & Son is in the midst of multi-year IT projects related to the company’s outsourcing efforts. Sources indicate increased efforts surrounding the delivery of hosting services, including database, networking and hosting technologies, as well as the establishment of an end-to-end delivery model for hosting services.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals has expressed interest in initiatives related to the creation and development of a center of excellence (CoE) for the company’s platform. The organization is planning to migrate custom applications to the company’s platform. Sources have indicated plans to develop a delivery toolset built on the platform to be utilized by the company’s project delivery team.

Zillow has indicated interest in multiple initiatives to facilitate the company’s development of a scalable data management platform to support existing end user utilization of real estate data as well as the development of a new large-scale next-generation data platform to support future products and customer offerings. The organization is planning technology based initiatives to support user engagement efforts within the company’s website.


Once you’ve identified an opportunity that fits your target market, we’ll help you identify ALL key decision makers (and how to get in touch with them directly) so that you can get the conversation in motion and be on your way to improving your sales process.

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