There are parts of the job that marketers can perform on autopilot, but data management – enriching and cleansing data – has never been one of them.

That’s changing. Significant enhancements to our Marketo connector, including new Append & Clean functionality, give marketers a whole new level of automation accuracy, and control over their database.

Users can:

  • Configure what data points are added and updated, how often they are refreshed, and how updates are handled
  • Automatically scan a list in Marketo for newly created leads to cleanse and enrich
  • Populate blank fields – if you don’t wish to overwrite values
  • Cleanse data by overwriting outdated or incorrectly entered data points
  • Upload leads from DiscoverOrg to Marketo individually or in bulk
  • Cleanse email addresses and improve deliverability by comparing your database to DiscoverOrg’s database of known bounced email addresses

As DiscoverOrg collects deliverability/bounce data through our 250-person research team’s validation, and from other DiscoverOrg Connectors, all users see even better deliverability. And sales teams experience more effective prospecting because data is synced between Marketo and the CRM.

See the Marketo Connector in Action.

Dirty data (is not dirt cheap)

A lead list that can be trusted is a thing of beauty – and not just in the “eye of the beholder” sense. Bad data costs the United States $3 trillion per year and affects 80% of U.S. businesses. Not to mention, it creates a lot of frustration for people whose inboxes are full of spam and irrelevant ads.

DiscoverOrg’s co-founder and CEO Henry Schuck says:

Dirty data leads to incredible challenges for the entire organization. When bad data ruins a company’s reputation and lands a domain on blacklists, marketers put growth for the entire company in jeopardy. With these new features, Marketo-DiscoverOrg customers are able to immediately improve the health of their marketing database – so that they can spend time creating revenue-generating programs, not worrying about whether bad data will sabotage their efforts.

We believe marketers should be able to trust their data. Clean, complete lead records are absolutely critical for marketers to identify the right target prospects, personalize messages at scale, and reduce email deliverability problems that plague outbound efforts.

Our new Marketo enhancements tackle bad-data problems head on.

Press release: Read the Marketo Connector press release here.

Append & Clean is good for data management

A best-in-class integration – made for marketers

Problem #1: Email deliverability

Good email deliverability is critical for outbound marketing efforts, but it’s difficult to achieve. Most purchased lead lists yield mediocre results at best. This is because the data is often scraped or crowdsourced from questionable sources and it’s collected once and never updated. The unfortunate reality – that we marketers wish we could just sweep under the rug and ignore – is that continuous data decay erodes data quality, hurts email deliverability, compromises our sender reputation, and ultimately impairs our ability to generate high response rates.

Implications of high bounce rates include:

  • The entire domain from which the email was sent may be blacklisted
  • Extensive server downtime due to the volume of bounced emails
  • Loss of service from the email delivery company due to spam reports
  • Inability to send outbound email campaigns

…and of course, the objective – driving traffic and generating leads – is not achieved.

For a detailed description on what email spam is – and what it’s not – here’s the scoop from our resident expert.

Solution: Best-in-class email deliverability – and open rates

Data management is easy with Append & Clean

Marketers can now improve email deliverability and suppress bad email addresses – before they cause harm to their sender reputation.

New functionality in the Marketo Connector automatically syncs Marketo with DiscoverOrg’s industry-leading company and contact data, which is guaranteed to be 95% accurate. All email addresses are verified, and bounced addresses are removed from the system entirely.

The enhanced Marketo Connector gives marketers the ability to check lead lists against DiscoverOrg’s database of known bounced email addresses, improving email deliverability and sender quality score. If the verified email replacement does not exist, we identify and flag bad emails that have been previously identified.

The result? An instant boost in deliverability. Our client saw an 98% email delivery success rate, and a 32% response rate.

Learn more about email deliverability in our free ebook: What the @#$%  Happened to Email Deliverability?

Problem #2: Unsustainable data management

No matter how great your data is (or isn’t) now, data decays at 3%+ per month. Poor data quality often manifests itself in an inability to reach target accounts because key contacts have departed, or have incorrect phone numbers or email addresses.

But no marketer has the ability to update records every time an SDR or AE get a wrong number. They can’t keep track of every job change, or test email addresses bounces before every email campaign – even though, theoretically, they should.

Solution: Automatic Append & Clean

Syncing records is good data management

Continuous data cleansing and enrichment is the only solution to this problem. No other data provider offers the rigorous data cleansing and accuracy of DiscoverOrg’s team of 250+ researchers. But it’s the automation that brings it home.

DiscoverOrg’s data can now be scheduled to automatically sync weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly to ensure customers’ Marketo instance is always up to date. As a result, marketers can fill in incomplete records, more efficiently and effectively score leads and pass a more accurate and comprehensive view of the prospect over to the sales team.

The Connector has bi-directional communication with DiscoverOrg, ensuring all Marketo records found in from DiscoverOrg are continuously updated.

Data sheet: Get detailed information about our Marketo integration.

Problem #3: Incorrect, outdated, and missing data

New lead records are captured and entered with varying levels of completeness. Sales reps (*ahem*) often enter contacts in the CRM without addresses or phone numbers. They create accounts without industries or employee counts.

With holes puncturing the database, marketers’ abilities to nurture, score, route, target, and segment are significantly impacted – and without accuracy, account-based marketing (ABM) is impossible. A rich profile of contextual data is necessary for personalized messaging that drives higher response rates and deeper engagement.

Solution: Automatic data enrichment and searching for new leads

When new leads are added and Append & Clean runs, it identifies the new records and enriches them with the hard-to-find data points, you determine are important to your documentation and targeted strategy. By filling in missing data points, overwriting bad data, and updating decayed or outdated field values, you lay a strong foundation for successful campaign execution.

With our enhanced Marketo Connector, marketers can effortlessly update their Marketo records with the most accurate data in the market – right out of the box.

The result? Better segmentation and targeting, higher quality leads, stronger conversion rates, and faster pipeline growth.

Read our free ebook: The Marketing Landscape: Where Data and Content Merge.

Marketo connection is great for data management

Problem #4: Lack of unified data management

The proliferation of marketing and sales tech has resulted in a rapid build-out and and adoption of the growth tech stack adoption over the past few years. Each new tool can create  silos of inconsistent and incomplete data, sometimes requiring database migration, and leaving marketers challenged to identify marketing attributed revenue.

Solution: Highly configurable field-level Updates

Customers can now specify which specific fields in Marketo to update, and how often they’ll be updated, when syncing data.This provides greater control for Marketo administrators – allowing them to determine, for instance, if only blank fields should be enriched, which fields should be subject to automatic updates, or whether certain rules should be applied only upon initial lead creation.

What’s new in the Marketo integration update?

Previously, marketers who connected their Marketo instance to DiscoverOrg were limited in their ability to automatically update lead records. Users with Webhooks enabled could go through a complex process to create numerous scoops to ensure that when data points changed or new leads were added, they were enriched.

Now, in a few minutes, Marketo administrators can easily configure and schedule Append & Clean to run – at the cadence of their choice – on any static list – with full control over how and what updates are made.

When users set up the new Append & Clean functionality, it can run through their entire lead database, fill in holes, mark departed contacts and provide a report of the changes.

How does DiscoverOrg’s Marketo integration compare to other competitors?

What makes this service truly unique is the power of our live researchers who are continually adding to and maintaining our database. It is also found in the flexibility of how and which data points are managed. Users can choose from up to 70 unique data points, decide which fields should be overwritten, and how often this sync occurs. Marketers are also alerted when duplicate entries are found, and given the option to keep the original or overwrite it.

A lot of other data management services claim to have “the most data points,” but the reality is that only a handful of data points are available across the entire database, forcing users to use additional data tools in conjunction with their current service to fill in the blanks. And when it comes to data accuracy, DiscoverOrg has no peer.

Marketers knowhow much time and money are spent building and maintaining a clean database (or managing the fallout from a botched email campaign, when that doesn’t happen)? Here’s your formal invitation to spend your time actually marketing instead.

That’s because, for all its features, our enhanced Marketo integration is about one thing: Simplicity.

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