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Last week we announced our newest product release – Marketo Webhooks for DiscoverOrg – and I couldn’t be more excited. This product will help you deliver good leads while reducing lead conversation rates drastically, and as someone who has worked in sales and marketing for 20+ years, I can’t help but feel, well, envious. Envious that this product wasn’t made available for me in the past. This product brings sales and marketers all their lead’s important information instantly – without any manual research time or appending.

A marketing and sales intelligence tool this powerful would have changed the game for me in the past, as I know it will for our joint customers.

Okay, instead of ranting about my missed opportunities, I should share with you all great possibilities this new product will offer to IT Marketers today.

 Webhooks rapidly improve your segmentation and sales intelligence.

With the Webhooks activated, you can support short forms best practices on your website while instantly building real insight on the prospects that have raised their hands. When a prospect fills out those four fields on a form at your site, the hook will ‘automagically’ grab the sales intelligence our research has uncovered by matching the email address, and instantly update your Marketo with good leads.

What’s the big deal?

Really, the benefits are endless. But to get you brainstorming on the possibilities, I’ve identified the following as some of the best ways to utilize our new Webhooks feature:

  1. Append data when a Lead is created
  2. Append data on-demand at the individual Lead Level
  3. Update all records in their Marketo instance with DiscoverOrg Data
  4. Schedule Automatic Updates
  5. Control who gets called
  6. Track success of their DiscoverOrg Leads and Campaigns

Put the intelligence to use.

Once the Webhooks have appended the data into Marketo – you’ll have a good lead – one like you have never seen before.  You can append up to 20 additional fields of information.  Imagine having the company size, address, and phone number appended so you can automatically route to the appropriate sales representative a “Whitepaper Download” form without having to ask the prospect! Your team is now armed with the intelligence they need to speed up the engagement process. Did we mention that over 96% of the contacts in our database have direct dials?

Brian Carroll from MarketingSherpa explains that, the cost of a lead really comes down to the time it takes to convert someone from the beginning stages of interest, to an engaged lead. “The expense of a lead is not just the lead itself but it’s the amount of time it’s going to take your sales, inside sales team or channel partners to engage that lead.  It’s not about the cost of the data it’s about the effectiveness of the data you are giving your team to optimize their time,” he says.


By appending all 20 fields you will effectively shorten the nurture cycle.  You no longer have to wait for the prospect to offer you more information about themselves.  Your sales rep now has a good lead! Now they can quickly craft a message that specifically addresses your prospects’ needs.

I am visualizing the smile on the sales reps face when they get these leads delivered to their inbox – priceless.  Watch this short 2 minute video to see what types of information you can automagically append to your Marketo lead records with Webhooks activated.


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How much is bad lead data costing you? What’s it worth to fix it?


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