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If you’ve noticed more bright colors and a lot less B.S. lately, there’s a reason: DiscoverOrg has a whole new look and feel!

Goodbye, snoring-boring business-speak. Hello, straight talk (with splashes of pink).

Rebranding DiscoverOrg has been in the works for almost a year. We asked Preston Zeller, DiscoverOrg’s Director of Digital Marketing and project leader: what’s new, why we did it, and what we hope to achieve from the rebrand.

What’s new?

You don’t need us to tell you that there’s a lot of noise out there.

If you didn’t recognize DiscoverOrg before, you will now.

DiscoverOrg’s data solution is different than anything else out there.

We’ve run with a lean, mean visual attitude for a long time. (Hey, we’ve been pretty focused elsewhere.) But as we continue to evolve and grow, we thought it’s time to take a step back – a time to evaluate not only where we’re at today, but where we want to be.

So let’s get a few things straight:

  1. We’re focused on results. So we’re direct.
  2. We want customers, prospects, and employees to trust us. We’re straight with them.
  3. We know our product is superior. We speak with authority.
  4. We’ve seen incredible organizational change powered by good data. We’re inspired!

We’d like to inspire you, too.

Remember B2P?

About a year ago, I wrote a piece about how B2B sales and marketing is “stuck in a cage.” That is, the language which permeates this landscape lends itself to a safe, risk-averse tone. This also manifests visually.

The DiscoverOrg Street Team at Dreamforce 2018

The article covered how B2B can learn a lot from the emotive characteristics of B2C marketing tactics. Emotion – almost a four letter word in a world dominated by “sound business decisions.”

People – not businesses – make decisions.

At the end, I wrote about putting a stake in the ground: “a dedication to a more genuine way of conveying value outside the box of B2B-centrism.”

This is that stake coming to fruition.

Big bold voice, fresh visual identity

While the logo is only getting a modernized refresh from the previous one, our overall visual identity has received an overhaul.

What most people don’t realize until it’s too late (as we did), is the foundation for your visuals permeate everything, so resetting the stage for a proper design system is a huge goal of ours. One of the most obvious changes you’ll notice is an expanded color palette and how we use these colors.

We’re different, and we want to look that way.

We’re also talking differently. It’s common for companies in the SaaS industry to sound quiet, even robotic. That’s not surprising considering the emphasis on technology as an edge in the modern world. We understand that despite the advances, this isn’t how humans speak, so we’re approaching it differently.

We’re real, and want to communicate with our customers the way we would like to be communicated with.

We do not want to “facilitate and enable lead generation functionality at scale.” We want to “give you good leads.”

That’s why you’re here, right?

Pump up the volume

We’ve changed. Our brand should, too.

What you’re seeing now is better reflection of who we are, what we stand for, who we are – today.

Our CEO Henry Schuck has been thinking about what needs to happen as a company grows for a while. It’s not just about scaling processes or people – some things must fundamentally change. The same is true of brand.

Eight years ago, we sold data: org charts, phone numbers, and email addresses, mostly for the IT industry.

Today, we’ve got over a hundred data points, including job responsibilities, installed technologies (“tech stack”), Intent data, predictive data, and many more in a broad range of industries. This ain’t yo mama’s DiscoverOrg.

Our goal is to boost our customers to the next tier of success. Whatever growth looks like for you, whether you’re staring up a hill or already at the top of a mountain, we’re going to get there.


That’s our new message. Loud and clear.

Make data sexy again

“Data isn’t this bright, shiny, sexy toy that people become enamored with and want to run out and buy,” said Trish Bertuzzi, President and Chief Strategist of The Bridge Group consulting firm. “Data is just ugly, old data. But it’s more important than ever before.”

We think data SHOULD be sexy. It affects every business process!

Data quality affects major decisions downstream. Bad data is an organizational cancer.



For sales development reps with quotas tied to appointment-setting, a low rate of connection means time wasted: double-checking CRM data; navigating around the phone tree of a main line, trying to to find the right decision-maker; and, of course, getting wrong numbers.

When sales reps don’t trust their contact data, they spend time double-checking it – or disregarding it all together in favor of their own research, which is time-consuming and impossible to scale. When you’re paying a seasoned sales professional $45,000 per year to do prospect research, you’re doing it wrong.

Bad data causes ineffective sales workflows, and makes smooth, timely hand-off of leads it nearly impossible.

We think people should pay more attention to data.

So we’re just gonna turn up the volume.


How much is bad lead data costing you? What’s it worth to fix it?



Let us know when you’re ready to start winning.


Preston Zeller
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Preston Zeller

As Director of Digital Marketing for DiscoverOrg, Preston focuses on scaling inbound lead strategies, CRO, and brand strategy.