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As the new year approaches, we are happy to announce that a new version of DiscoverOrg’s Google Chrome Extension was published to the Google Chrome App Store last week. (You might say it’s an example of our resolution and commitment to innovative thinking about our product and to “Always. Be. [Improving]” in order to help our clients close more deals.)

This exciting enhancement to the suite of DiscoverOrg sales intelligence tools comes with features such as full integration with our new and improved platform (currently in final beta roll-out stages), which offers a complete redesign of the user interface and numerous ‘under the hood’ speed and functionality enhancements. The updated DiscoverOrg Google Chrome Extension also supports all of our existing global Datasets covering the IT, Finance, Marketing, Engineering and Product Development departments as well as several new offerings scheduled for release in early 2016. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on the new platform and datasets.

How Does it Work?

The DiscoverOrg Google Chrome extension allows users to perform quick searches wherever they are browsing. As users review a target account’s website, the extension will look up the webpage URL and retrieve the comprehensive company profile including the most relevant contacts at that company. For example, assume you’re an information security vendor and you are researching Fannie Mae, the Chrome Extension will return the CISO’s full group and contacts to you right in the browser – no need to login to DiscoverOrg and run another search. From there you can easily add contacts to your CRM tool, research the company further in DiscoverOrg, or lookup a similar company or contact.

Even when you are not on the company’s website, you can highlight a contact’s name or company name (or even a search term) on any webpage that you are browsing for a quick search of your subscription within DiscoverOrg.

Screenshot of DiscoverOrg Google Chrome Extension

Benefits Include:

  1. Have all of your sales intelligence at your fingertips whenever you need it. No need to jump from browser to browser or tab to tab to find information on your top prospects.
  2. Move prospect data directly into Salesforce from the extension. No need to get dizzy from the copy and paste merry-go-round.

Seamless access to information and prospecting data points means that you and/or your sales & marketing team become more efficient and effective.

Additional New Features of the DiscoverOrg Google Chrome Extension:

  1. Similar Companies
  2. Pictures, Twitter links, and LinkedIn links on contacts
  3. Speed enhancements and bug fixes
  4. Access to all datasets including the new datasets scheduled for release in early 2016

If you are an existing DiscoverOrg customer, go to the Chrome store and try out the new extension now (it’s free!). To find out more about the DiscoverOrg sales intelligence platform and the updated extension, request a demo today and one of our account executives will be in touch.

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