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At DiscoverOrg, we’re all about making it as easy and intuitive as possible for IT sales reps to use our database to identify key decision makers and book appointments with them. That’s why we’ve invested so much time and energy creating our new DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.0, the latest version of our native integration.

We did this because we know how important a tool has become for legions of salespeople, in all kinds of industries and from all types and sizes of companies.

Given the scope of our effort with DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.0, it’s nice to gain some recognition for what we’ve been able to achieve by a respected outside party.

Nucleus Research, a leading provider of quantitative analysis to Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and major IT firms, recently issued a research note on DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.0, saying its “enhanced administrative tools enable companies to streamline the use of DiscoverOrg data in the Salesforce environment.”

In the report, author Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President of Research at Nucleus, found that DiscoverOrg’s integration with Salesforce will enable users to “access more intelligent, complete, and up-to-date information about leads and prospects directly within Salesforce.”

Wettemann found that unlike other data and sales intelligence tools and CRM providers that offer integrations with Salesforce, “the investments DiscoverOrg has made in understanding the relationships, not just contacts, within IT purchasing and bringing that knowledge directly into Salesforce are unique.”

Because of our advanced capabilities and the uniqueness of our Salesforce integration, Wettemann concluded, “Companies leveraging DiscoverOrg on an ongoing basis can expect greater sales productivity, lower administrative overhead, and a greater ability to expand their presence in existing accounts.”

Key features of DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.0 include:

  • Faster page loads
  • Visibility of the leads or contacts in the DiscoverOrg IT Org Charts
  • An improved look and feel
  • A configurable function that lets users decide if they want to overwrite data in Salesforce or simply fill in blank fields
  • An email summary of records that are updated daily through DiscoverOrg’s auto-update function
  • A “tag and append” feature that lets users tag records with a unique DiscoverOrg ID to ensure they are automatically updated with the most accurate, current data from DiscoverOrg

In addition to the Salesforce integration, Wettemann noted the power of DiscoverOrg’s IT Org Charts – available for every organization in our database – saying they “provide a unique differentiator from other contact database tools, because users can visualize an entire organization and the relationships between groups.”

Platforms like DiscoverOrg and tools like its IT Org Charts can impact sales productivity because they free up sales reps from having to manually enter contact data into their CRM system. Wettemann cited another Nucleus report which found that “if sales people are spending more than 8 percent of their time entering data in CRM, their selling productivity is suboptimal.” (Enterprise software must adopt the principles of the dark cockpit, November 2013).

We knew we had a real winner with DiscoverOrg for Salesforce 3.0. It’s very gratifying to know that a respected research firm has validated it as well.

Download the full Nucleus Research Report here. 

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Henry Schuck

Henry Schuck is the CEO of DiscoverOrg, a 7-time Fortune 5000 company, which he co-founded at the age of 23. He has extensive experience managing the sales and marketing activities of fast-growing information technology data companies.