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Insight is a must-have ingredient of any effective prospecting strategy. The more you know, the more effective you and your sales team will be. Knowledge is power, right?

If anyone understands the true, bottom-line pumping value of data, it’s us. Actually, that’s why we exist – to help you cut through the bad data noise, get to the inside source, and close the deal.

Then we had this thought:

What if we could marry predictive data with sales intelligence on the content level? How could that change the game?

Content consumption speaks volumes about a prospect’s purchase intent. In the B2B sales cycle, online content consumption equals product research. Time spent consuming content uncovers a buyer’s interests, needs, wants, and much more.

Now, imagine if you could gather sales-ready data on a target prospect’s content viewing habits in real time?  How would that impact your sales conversations?

We believe the opportunity is huge, so we put our heads together and this is what we came up with:

Enter OppAlerts – the Next Big Thing in Sales Intelligence

 In a nutshell, OppAlerts is a predictive data tool that helps you mine sophisticated insights from a business’ online engagement with content. Much like our sales intelligence database, our new OppAlerts tool gives you real-time data – but this time we’re tackling the power of content consumption insights.

With a predictive, big data-focused intelligence tool you can simply and easily identify new prospecting opportunities all in one place.


Take Advantage of our one-of-a-kind Relationship with Online Publishers

 DiscoverOrg has a truly unique relationship with over 250 publishers, who feed our OppAlerts tool with massive amounts of content consumption data.

What do we mean by “massive”?

We mean MASSIVE. We process over 30 million rows of publishing data (from 180 million cookies) every single day. When analyzed alongside in-depth sales intelligence, we provide you with insight into the products and services companies are investigating as solutions to their business needs.

The result is bone-deep intelligence on your target prospect’s online research habits – all automated with the most up-to-date information available. Interested in who is searching for InfoSec solutions? Set up alerts to be sent daily to your inbox with the most up-to-date information about who’s looking for solutions like yours.

OppAlerts 101

OppAlerts2The tool itself is simple. There are two components to the platform: Top Content Consumers and Opportunity alerts.

  • The Top Content Consumers dashboard identifies top organizations consuming content around your target topics. It zeroes in on organizations who are consuming an abnormal amount of content in your target market or related topic of interest. For example, our data might indicate that employees at large aerospace manufacturer have been researching security options for virtual storage. This is a great indication that the organization will soon be evaluating solutions – but have not yet released an RFP.
  • The Opportunity Alerts component is where the rubber meets the road. This is where we combine predictive data with human-verified research to deliver the most valuable data possible.

Is your sales team ready to take full advantage of a host of all-new, real-time opportunities?

See what’s behind the curtain with OppAlerts.


Integrate with DiscoverOrg, and stop wasting time on dated data.



Contact data and scoops for the right buyer — at the right time.


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