“Sales acceleration” is a good buzzword, but all it really means is “sell more, faster” … without saying anything about “How?”

There are a lot of sales acceleration tools out there, but the redesigned DiscoverOrg’s Outreach connector solves some very specific problems: (1) a disjointed sales tech stack, (2) inaccurate, untrustworthy data, and (3) governance practices designed to preserve data quality.

We’re excited to announce our redesigned Outreach integration, which will make sales processes faster and easier than ever.

“The integration between Outreach and DiscoverOrg has made my life so much easier. When I’m creating sequences in Outreach, I’m able to take those contacts straight from DiscoverOrg and put them into the sequence that I’ve already created. I can connect with 200 people within 5 minutes if I want to.”

– Bri Cieloha, Sales Development Representative, Brandlive


Sales research – fast

When half of a sales professional’s day is spent doing doing non-sales activities (read: prospect research), anything that decreases research time can move the revenue needle.

The redesigned DiscoverOrg-Outreach integration speeds up the sales process several ways:

  1. Directly push contact data into Outreach sequences from any website through DiscoverOrg’s Google Chrome extension – streamlining the research process and saving valuable time
  2. Automatically detect newly created records and enrich them with missing phone numbers, titles, industries, revenue, employee counts and more.
  3. Enable continuous monitoring and cleansing of email addresses through DiscoverOrg’s database of known bounced emails and email delivery confirmations
  4. Flag employee departures so sales reps don’t waste time prospecting to outdated records

The problem: Gaps, redundancy, and a disjointed sales tech stack

How many tabs your average sales person have open on their computer? Fifteen? Twenty?

Sales reps spend half their time prospectingA sophisticated sales department has no lack of sales enablement platforms. Quite the opposite: they must move between their email, CRM, and a literal stack of tech tools to find, cross-reference, and confirm the information they need.

Moving information between systems often means downloading data, mapping fields, and uploading it to another system – not to mention switching between a CRM, marketing automation system, and the many sales tech platforms. The different data SDRs need lives in multiple places. And processes are different from one account to the next, and from one sales rep to the next. There’s no single source of truth.

Those salespeople with fewer tools often grapple with the challenge of exhaustive (read: takes forever) research to confirm the information they do have.

And once the information is found and confirmed? It is up to individual reps to enter it into a system. (And we all know sales reps have perfect data accuracy … right?)

Whether the data comes from a sales call, a third-party data provider, or a marketing form-fill, it’s often incomplete: Email addresses without names, phone numbers without titles, not to mention duplicate records … Bad data is scary. (No wonder sales operations often has edit access locked down!)

The solution: Integration

The DiscoverOrg+Outreach connector brings integration between tools.

No downloading, uploading, copying, pasting. Your sales team can now upload contacts to Salesforce individually or in bulk – directly into specific Outreach sequences.

sales researchFinding the right contacts to sell to requires a healthy mix of proactive and reactive prospecting, so users can search targeted lists of Outreach sequences by name, account owner, or by keyword. From there, users can build hyper-targeted prospect lists in DiscoverOrg, push in them individually or in bulk to specific Outreach sequences, and run strategic campaigns.

For those times when you find that perfect fit while browsing LinkedIn or company websites, the Google Chrome Extension serves up direct contact data and company intelligence that can be pushed to Outreach – without leaving your browser window.

If your team spend most of their time in Salesforce, the Outreach connector allows data in DiscoverOrg’s native Salesforce app to push directly into Salesforce, with bi-directional sync with Outreach. In fact, DiscoverOrg’s Append & Clean feature can conduct nightly scans of Outreach for new prospects, link them to a DiscoverOrg record, and enrich them continuously with DiscoverOrg’s verified information.

The integration of Outreach with DiscoverOrg means sales reps can research quickly, add accurate information with a click, and send the right message at the right time.

The problem: Sales executives don’t trust the data

It’s hard to trust the data in your CRM. It’s usually old (data decays at a rate of 30% per year).

Anyone who has worked in sales has experience with bad data: outdated email addresses resulting in bounce rates that get them locked out of tools or even blacklisted, spam traps, phone numbers for gatekeepers and main lines. When the sales department doesn’t trust the data, they stop trying to keep records updated.

Bad data perpetuates a burdensome cycle that does anything EXCEPT “sell more, faster.”

The solution: Ongoing data cleansing for sales acceleration

The DiscoverOrg + Outreach integration offers continuous monitoring, enriching, and cleansing your data as you engage.

The Append & Clean feature automatically detects new records and enriches them with missing phone numbers, titles, industries, revenue, employee counts and more. In addition to enrichment, the connector also monitors and cleanses email addresses, comparing them against DiscoverOrg’s database of known bounced emails and email delivery confirmations.

Automatic Append & Clean is DiscoverOrg’s closed-loop cleansing system for Outreach. Each night DiscoverOrg scans Outreach for new prospects, links them to a DiscoverOrg record, and enriches them with human-verified contact information.

Linked records are scanned and cleaned nightly to prevent data decay and maintain data integrity that reps can trust. The process flags bounced emails and departed employees, so you don’t waste time chasing invalid prospects.

DiscoverOrg records are refreshed and verified every 90 days through a combination of technology and human research. Those updates are synced with with Outreach, Salesforce, and other integrations to ensure the freshest, most accurate information is informing decisions.

In addition to a more efficient outreach process and better connection rates, the Outreach connector promotes database health and prevents time wasted prospecting to outdated contacts and accounts.

Append & Clean means fresh, clean data – with a click.

The problem: Operations doesn’t allow Sales to update data

A lot of sales professionals find it frustrating that they don’t have the ability to edit or enter certain fields into their CRM themselves. The data is often locked down to read-only status, meaning updates must be requested.

Sales operations is often unwilling to giving edit access for carefully planned territories or strategically curated prospect lists – and for a good reason: It’s easy to mess up and overwrite a field with incorrect information. If a name is spelled incorrectly, for example, it may be entered twice, causing downstream headaches with duplicate records.

Also, let’s face it: Custom workflows are complicated. Even in a sales department with well-established processes, it’s hard to route leads properly and ensure that contacts are going into the right nurture or drip sequences at the right time.

From an operations perspective, systems work in the same way. If only people and their workflows were that simple.

The solution: Powerful administrative controls

Who can create new accounts? Well … that’s up to you. By enabling or restricting users’ ability to create new accounts, you can rest assured that parity between your systems is maintained, and account management processes won’t be disrupted. Field-level configuration offers flexibility around which fields are enriched or overwritten with DiscoverOrg data.

Additionally, this integration makes it easy to prove the value of tools and prove ROI by offering a weekly summary report of all the accounts and contacts that have been updated by DiscoverOrg.

The partnership between Outreach and DiscoverOrg is all about synchronicity: When systems and data are in sync, it’s easier for people to be in sync with each other.

We can’t wait to watch the growth that comes from more connections, better relationships, and greater revenue for our customers.

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