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Secrets of Top-Performing Email Subject Lines

Prospecting email subject lines are crucial in getting prospects to open emails. Most businesses are using email as their primary form of communication, and your prospects and customers are inundated with it. To be noticed, you have to make sure your subject line stands out to get past their glimpse factor. But you want more

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Top IT Leadership Moves – General Motors, Goodyear and Windstream Corporation All Have New CIOs

In the last week we’ve seen three big-name corporations name new CIOs. While General Motors is struggling to regain traction after a nightmarish year of recalls, Windstream just completed an acquisition, and Goodyear is looking toward the future with an IT transformation – the three companies have one major thing in common. They’re all relying

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Balance is Everything: Integration is the Key to Balance Between Inbound and Outbound Programs

Successful people have mastered the art of balance. We think about balance all the time – work and play, diet and exercise – etc. And yet, when we talk about marketing, the discussion always seems to come down to inbound vs. outbound. When, in reality, it is far more productive to think about the proper

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Want to Overcome Sales Objections? Tackle Them Ahead of Time.

No one likes a cold call – no one likes making them and no one likes receiving one. So what do we do in prospecting to get around this problem? Step 1: Don’t Go in Cold. Make sure that you are calling warm. This means that you have consulted your sales intelligence data and are

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Top 3 IT Leadership Moves From Last Week (and Why You Should Care)

Every week for the past two years, we’ve written a blog on top leadership changes happening in the IT, Finance and Marketing industries. We’ve introduced you to some of the top CIOs, CFOs and CMOs as they are beginning their tenure at a new company or in a new position, as well as shared what

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3 Outbound Sales Strategies to Ensure Success in the New Year (Catch your fill with these sure-fire tools!)

Like the plumage and song of a bird seeking a mate, content marketing strategies give companies the opportunity to get found by prospects. These inbound sales strategies enable potential suitors to evaluate options and make educated choices at their own pace. But even the most beautiful bird still needs to eat. And that is where

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How Not to Prospect

(Hint: Don’t Follow the Herd) Step Away From the Beaten Path It’s beginning of the year which means Sales Development Reps (SDRs) and Inside Sales teams are mapping out their target accounts and making resolutions to bring down those big logos. It’s also the time of year I like to look back at the search

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IT Industry Update: Top 5 Leadership Moves You Don’t Want to Miss From Last Week

A change in leadership rarely comes when things are going swimmingly. Even if the organization is reporting positive growth and financial success, C-level executives are quickly replaced if their team isn’t meeting, or exceeding, departmental expectations. While many salespeople wait until a new executive is accustomed to their new position, DiscoverOrg analysts find that the

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6 Email Personalities to Avoid if You Want People to Like You

This blog originally appeared on the KLA Group’s Blog on September 25, 2014. For those of us who have been in sales for longer than a decade, it’s easy to sometimes long for the days when customers waited until they met you (or conducted several phone calls with you) to decide whether they liked you.

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IT Industry Alert: Deutsche Bank Taps Salesforce Chief Scientist as First Chief Data Officer

In November, Deutsche Bank made a huge announcement that JP Rangaswami, Chief Scientist at, would join the company in January of this year as their first Chief Data Officer. Rangaswami, who stepped into his new role this week, is charged with standardizing the Bank’s information management processes, tools and governance, while optimizing digital strategy.

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