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5 Key Ways to Increase Your IT Sales Callbacks

Posted by Steve Richard, Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer @ Vorsight “Hey Jim. Pat Nelson with Vorsight. I know you’re the CIO for XYZ Big Data vendor and I needed to speak with you in regards to expert resourcing within the division…Call me as soon as you get this, my number is 555-123-1234. Take Care.” Over

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DiscoverOrg Turns Three – On The Inc. 500 List, That Is!

Ranking three years in a row on the Inc. 500 list is quite an achievement. And to go from #207 to #188 in our first and second year, respectively, and now to a #298 ranking, is pretty amazing. Joining an elite group of companies that have ranked three years in a row like NETtime Solutions

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Are You Leveraging Scoops to Spur Success in IT Sales?

In IT sales, timing is everything. Sometimes a CIO can be ready to pull the trigger; other times, the sales cycle can take months or even years. For this reason, having the right sales intelligence can spell the difference between success and failure. This intelligence gives your sales reps the right opportunity at the right

Public CIO Sharing New IT Budget

Public CIO Upheaval and New IT Initiatives: Is Sales Ready?

Have you ever: after spending hours doing online research and making dozens of dead-end calls, finally connect with a top information technology decision maker only to find out on a follow-up call that she’s no longer in charge of that department? Or even worse: find out a sale has stalled because there’s been an organizational

your warm leads aren't as cold as ice

Heat Up Warm Leads With Education – Show Them Why You’re Better

I enjoyed a series of great webinars hosted by when they put on a groundbreaking virtual summit for the inside sales profession: one great content session after another.  In a session by Matthew Dixon, the co-author of The Challenger Sale, the point was made that in today’s B2B buyer-empowered sales environment, by the time

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Uncover Buying Opportunities with New SMB Dataset

This week at DiscoverOrg we rolled out the red carpet for our much anticipated Small and Midsize Business (SMB) Dataset. As the SMB segment continues to grow at a feverish pace for IT purchases, Marketers, Sales Professionals, and Staffing firms have been looking forward to this launch for months. Our smart customers have been begging

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DiscoverOrg Launches Finance Data Set

Today I’m happy to announce that DiscoverOrg has launched our Finance Dataset.  Our unique offering provides complete profiles on over 1600 Enterprise companies finance departments.  These 43,000 continuously refreshed contacts include the highest rate of direct dial numbers, 95% verified email addresses and organizational charts.  We will be hosting a webinar on Aug. 6, “How

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TRIGGERS: Leading You to Your Window of Opportunity

Recently I stepped into the role as Senior Director of Marketing at DiscoverOrg and, without a doubt; I have taken advantage of the immense buying opportunity created during an organization’s transitional period. Using my situation as an example; when hired in May, like many new senior-level hires, my immediate task was to assess the current

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7-Eleven – Top 20 Most Searched IT Departments

Robert Osgood – Director of Research & Customer Service While analyzing traffic within DiscoverOrg’s service, I noticed that a staggering 50% of searched companies are “drive past-able”, meaning you literally drive past a brick and mortar location. When I dug in deeper I see, of these top 10 most searched all are household names like:

Inside Sales Is More Than a Rolodex

5 Critical Steps Managing an Inside Sales Team That Drives Predictable Revenue

We hear it all the time from Sales Leaders and C-Level Executives alike: “I just hired a veteran B2B sales representative, so we’ll just be tapping into their relationships for sales”. If you’re being sold on a fat rolodex of names from some senior sales executive, you can pretty much be sure that the names

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