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Voicemail Techniques Webinar

Leaving a voice mail can be one of the most frustrating things in the world.  If you have trouble getting your point across in thirty short seconds, attend our webinar. We will give examples of good and bad voice mail messages and set you on the right track to achieving the former rather than the latter.

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DiscoverOrg webinars are a useful resource for both our customers and prospects. Each week we offer webinars on topics, including but not limited to, sales prospecting, sales intelligence, inside sales, email marketing, and outbound marketing.

Salesperson Making a Sales Voicemail

[TEMPLATE] 5 Ways to Improve Sales Voicemail Callbacks

Posted by Steve Richard, Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer @ Vorsight Over the past two weeks, I have been using a new sales voicemail template in order to attract high-level sales, business development, and clinical development prospects. So far I have received anywhere between 1-4 callbacks a day from VP level and C-suite individuals. Here’s

Email Marketing

This Simple, Effective Email Marketing Strategy is Key

Email marketing may feel frustrating: is anyone even reading your carefully crafted email content? In 2012, the average corporate email user received 75 emails a day. Imagine how much more the top decision makers must get. So how can you make your targeted email stand out in an overflowing inbox? Timing, obviously. Email marketing may

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