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This is second installment detailing DiscoverOrg’s TiLT Sales Development Challenge and it’s 10 core learning modules. Read the first one here.

Are you leaving money on the table by not empowering your sales development teams with the ability to connect with prospects? Modern sales teams are now more data-driven than ever before. Access to high-quality contact data, market trends, and emerging predictive analytics tools allow for rapid segmentation of high-quality accounts and prospects. As sales science continues to evolve, what impacts will that have on the art of sales communications? Moreover, how can sales departments leverage data without turning business development reps into robots?

You Say “Tomatoes”. I Say, “Tom Ate Toes”.

Sales prospecting efforts like cold calling are worthless if the pitch seems empty of value and context. Activities such as sending initial emails, cold-calls, and discovery sessions are vital to sales. Yet, making these conversations meaningful is difficult to learn and master. Empathy, rapport, and persistence are critical elements of every sales experience and focusing on them aids in the transition to a more personalized sales development journey through the funnel.

It’s critical to give your buyers a stellar experience, from first touch to renewal. In the modern sales organization, Sales Development Reps are that first touch. They’re the first interaction, impression, and ultimately, the steward of your business for your buyer’s experience. And you must empower them with the knowledge, soft skills, and expertise it takes to navigate those interactions. -Sean Kester VP Product Strategy, SalesLoft.

The DiscoverOrg TiLT Sales Development Challenge was created to empower both experienced and new reps with both the knowledge, soft skills, and expertise needed to make every interaction exceptional and personalized. Or, as we like to call it, the art and science of sales.

Storytelling, Trust, and Persistence Work in Harmony

The three challenges in the TiLT program that get to the core of building relationships through communication are: storytelling, trust and persistence. Crush your quota by making the prospect the hero of their own narrative. Show them the dark alley full of hidden dangers lacking your solution to light the way. Build trust with them by demonstrating empathy in their plight. Be persistent. Hammer away at objections. Get the prospect out of their own way.

Storytelling -The Foundation of Connecting with Prospects

The fourth TiLT challenge is centered around foundational storytelling – the oldest form of human communication, and one of the most effective for creating lasting memories. Effective B2B storytelling often follows the same arc as a successful Hollywood screenplays: Three Acts consisting of (1) The Setup; (2) The Conflict, and (3) The Resolution. Keep in mind a good story doesn’t require length to move through the phases as demonstrated in this limerick:

There once was an SDR,
Who didn’t want to live in his car,
He learned from TiLT
Till his pockets filled.
Now he lives like a rockstar.

Beyond theory and structure, TiLT storytellers also learn to how to effectively share and probe, inviting customers to share their stories, while opening the door to empathy and mutual understanding.

Trust – The Crux of the Issue

People will remember how they felt and whether they trusted you. The fifth TiLT module, helps inside sales teams build trust using the “3 Yes Method”. Based on work by Robert Cialdini, this strategy helps create rapport based on shared mutual beliefs that you affirm as part of the rapport building process, which happens early in the sales cycle. For instance, identifying a shared love for spelunking could forge the path to making rep and prospect compatriots working towards the same goal.

The Importance of Persistence

We know that rapport and empathy, without persistence, may build relationships but not set meetings. Our sixth module, Persistence, asks inside sales teams to compare their outbound sequence with ones proven to get results. We know that some sales teams fall short regarding outbound communication. Yet, studies show that most sales conversations only get started after repeated attempts to contact one or more decision makers. Combined with semi-personal messaging, persistence is critical for increasing sales conversions.

Why TiLT, Why Now

The rise of account-based sales development, with its targeted approach to multiple decision-makers and stakeholders, makes it imperative to develop a framework for sales communication.

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TiLT is a great way to motivate an inside sales team and empower meaningful sales conversations that lead to high-quality meetings and better opportunities Don’t let your deals go dark – TiLT is a rigorous, micro-sales-training designed to level up new and more seasoned sales reps quickly.

Who can participate?

TiLT’s SDR Challenge is available at no additional charge to all paid, active licensees of DiscoverOrg. Endurance required. Racing Goggles optional. Please read more about the TiLT Sales Development Challenge here.

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