Q1 means a new year, a new start. Many budgets have been replenished and the strategic business spending has commenced and DiscoverOrg wanted a better understanding of the tech landscape in Q1 2017.

We conducted multiple technology sector-themed surveys in Marketing, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Applications, Network, Storage, and Security. We asked business professionals who work at companies spanning all different industries, sizes, and revenue bands to indicate the pains they experienced as well as any new (as opposed to maintenance or on-going) spending made throughout January, February, and March of this year.

Q1 2017 Security Trends

Top 5 Security Pains

  1. Security alerts and logs can come in droves that need to be continuously monitored and mined for validity and then prioritized for further action, if necessary. Time is of the essence and the more quickly you can catch potential threats, the more effectively you can act to protect sensitive data.
  2. Threat visibility across the network, devices, and data is becoming increasingly difficult especially when threats extend to anywere your people, contractors, and data are located.
  3. Securing, managing, and monitoring third-party application usage is a struggle for companies because so many people use third-party apps while logged into the company server (without approval from their IT department). These apps have the ability to view, delete, transfer, and store corporate data, and even act on behalf of users posing a huge security risk.
  4. There is still some wariness when it comes to cloud adoption, particularly around uploading sensitive information into a public cloud. Data stored in the cloud automatically becomes an attractive target for hackers. It’s important for companies to secure data before uploading into the cloud.
  5. Lack of in-house talent/expertise to manage complex security environments and tools is a pain for many across multiple industries. As security becomes more and more complex it’s increasingly difficult for companies to find experienced talent with the highly technical skills needed.

Top 5 Security Spends

  1. As many organizations, large and small move to the cloud, a lot of sensitive data is no longer being stored on company premises. As a result, investment in cloud-based security solutions is on the rise.
  2. Companies must have a coordinated Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) strategy to adhere to company policies and regulatory standards, as well as to manage the wide range of possible risks that organizations are constantly exposed to.
  3. Web application security is a necessity to help prevent breaches, hacks, fraud, and more on web systems and applications. Businesses rely heavily on web apps to reach prospects and customers, yet these apps are constantly exposed to the internet and are an easy target for hackers around the world.
  4. Next-generation firewalls are yet another layer of security to protect networks and OS from hackers.
  5. Data protection and loss prevention solutions help network administrators control what users can transfer (particularly sensitive data) across cloud, on-site, mobile, and outside the network.


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