Q1 means a new year, a new start. Many budgets have been replenished and the strategic business spending has commenced and DiscoverOrg wanted a better understanding of the tech landscape in Q1 2017.

We conducted multiple technology sector-themed surveys in Marketing, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Applications, Network, Storage, and Security. We asked business professionals who work at companies spanning all different industries, sizes, and revenue bands to indicate the pains they experienced as well as any new (as opposed to maintenance or on-going) spending made throughout January, February, and March of this year.

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Q1 2017 Marketing Trends

Much of the pain and spending in Marketing comes from sheer volume of data and intake experienced on a daily basis: there are so many blogs, articles, ads, channels, devices, prospects, clients, etc. and Marketers are doing what they can to stand out among all the noise.

Top 5 Marketing Pains

  1. Inaccurate data reigns supreme as the top thorn in Marketers’ sides. Bad data is a waste of time and resources – sending to the wrong people, incorrect messaging, hard to capture ROI, reduces efficiency. Sales and marketing intelligence solutions like DiscoverOrg are increasingly being used to manage data hygiene initiatives. Here’s how.
  2. In a world where people can access information on-demand and through a variety of channels, there is a need for a consistent user experience across all platforms. As and consumer expectations for a consistent and seamless omni-channel experience grow, it is becoming a larger pain for marketers to deliver it and get it right.
  3. Digital advertising is everywhere and marketers are finding it difficult to track and report on digital ad efforts across multiple sites, adjusting to Google’s ever-changing algorithms, clicks, conversions. There are so many moving parts, it’s difficult to nail down what is really working.
  4. Everyone strives to be a ‘thought leader,’ developing quality, insightful content. This has led to an insurmountable number of content pieces, tweets, LinkedIn articles and posts being published every second of every day. How can marketers get their prospects and clients to engage and interact with content when they’re being bombarded from every angle?
  5. Like a lack of engagement with content, Marketers are finding it difficult to understand how effective their email marketing efforts actually are – we all get hundreds of emails every day…is email marketing effective?

Top 5 Marketing Spends

  1. The most common spend for Marketing heads was digital advertising solutions such as Google Ad Words, LinkedIn advertising, Facebook advertising, and remarketing efforts. There are plenty of ways to target and reach potential customers with digital ad solutions which is good for brand awareness and a lot easier to implement than writing content, etc.
  2. Content management solutions are still a very common spend for marketers as the push for thought leadership, SEO, and strong inbound leads is becoming increasingly important.
  3. Spending on customer experience solutions is becoming more typical as there is a pressure for companies to provide consumers with a consistent omni-channel experience across their multiple devices.
  4. CRM software is a popular spend for marketers as it is becoming increasingly apparent that clients and prospects need consistent engagement, the sheer amount of prospects and clients would be impossible to keep track of and communicate with.
  5. Lead Generation popularity is growing. With the sheer amount of content out there, ways to boost SEO, advertising, etc., an additional way to get a leg up on the competition is necessary. Lead Gen investments can range from list providers and web scrapers, to full sales and marketing intelligence solutions like DiscoverOrg that help marketers determine who to talk to and when.

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