Q2 2017 Technology Pain & Spending Trends: Network

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With half of the year already behind us, many companies who purchased technologies in Q1 have been able to evaluate the return on those spends as well as better understand where business pains still lie. Right now, there is time for companies to purchase products and services that can still impact their 2017 numbers.

As we did in Q1, DiscoverOrg wanted a better understanding of the tech landscape in Q2 2017: where companies and organizations are feeling pain and where technology budget dollars are being spent. So, our Research Department conducted multiple technology category-themed surveys in Marketing, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Applications, Network, Storage, and Security. We asked business professionals who work in these sectors at companies spanning all different industries, sizes, and revenue bands, to indicate the pains they experienced as well as any new spending (as opposed to maintenance or recurring spending) made throughout April, May, and June of this year.

In our full report we have graphed all of the results and compared them to results from the same survey conducted a year ago in Q2 2016. We then shed a little light on the top five most commons responses for pain and spending within each category.

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Q2 2017 Network Trends

Top 5 Network Pains

  1. Analyzing Network Behavior for Incident Detection (+10% YoY) — Security threats are not analogous with one particular industry – hacks and breaches can happen to any organization at any time. And hackers are only becoming more sophisticated. Detection takes time and it’s easy for security teams to quickly become overwhelmed investigating the many alerts that they miss the real threat. This is why being able to detect potential threats and respond quickly is so important. The number of businesses and organizations feeling this pain has increased 10% year over year.
  2. Inability to Monitor/Manage Network Performance (+8% YoY) — More and more technologies are leveraging the network, including employee’s personal devices. It’s difficult to ensure there is sufficient capacity available to support the business while also supporting outside devices. Network slow-downs are costly to businesses.
  3. Complex/Not Integrated Network Management Solutions (+11% YoY) — Fragmented, complex network management makes it difficult for businesses to provide consistent monitoring, securing, and optimizing of networks. This can lead to disturbances, downtime, and security risks. This pain has become more common among businesses, increasing by 11% year over year. This is one of the largest pain increases among the different tech traunches since Q2 2016.
  4. Users Report Slow Access to Data (+1% YoY) — Disruptions, slow-downs, and downtime are still a pain for many businesses, particularly when they have so many technologies supported by the network are struggling with Complex Network Management. Slow access to data leads to decreases in productivity and efficiency which can ultimately cost businesses a large sum of money in wasted time and lost opportunities.
  5. Excessive Latency in Applications (+2% YoY) — When servers become overloaded with activity, businesses experience lag or latency. The fact that more and more business solutions are delivered online only increases the amount of applications being run at the same time. Malware also causes latency and is becoming an increasingly common form of breach. Ultimately, businesses are struggling to keep up with the expectations of high network performance with which workers and clients have become accustomed.


Top 5 Network Spends

  1. Network Hardware (Wired) (-5% YoY) — As businesses and available technologies grow, so too does the need for a network that can support it all (like wiring and switches). The increasing popularity of the IoT brings even more products that the network must support. While the number of businesses spending on network hardware has decreased 5% year over year, it still remains the top spend in Networking.
  2. Network Security Solutions (+4% YoY) — With a new hack or data breach being announced more frequently, more businesses, an increase of 4% year over year, are spending to secure their networks and its sensitive information.
  3. Wireless Network Hardware (-3% YoY) — Wireless network hardware allows for more mobility and flexibility within an office space. It is also quicker to install, take up less room, and is less expensive than traditional wired hardware.
  4. Telecom/VoIP (-9% YoY) — There are multiple benefits to VoIP including increased mobility, ease of management, quality (no more dropped calls), and more cost effective to name a few. While less businesses are spending on VoIP year over year, it is still a top 5 spend in network.
  5. Network Performance Tools (+/- 0) — Monitor critical systems, devices, services, applications, ports/protocols, and traffic on your network. Considering how many technologies are attached to the network, it’s important to be able to monitor its performance as well as quickly diagnose and fix network problems. Network slow-downs can slow down productivity and ultimately cost the company money.
  • Additional Info to Note — Network Analytics Solutions dropped 6% YoY, Tablet Deployments dropped 7% YoY (5% drop from Q1)

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