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Q3 has officially begun, and we want you to start the quarter with your deck stacked. Utilize the best sales enablement tools, starting with keeping all of the decision makers looped in. DiscoverOrg’s finance dataset profiles the CFO’s department, helping you to map out your strategy, and give you an advantage with having all parties on board in the selling process.

This Week’s Top Finance Move

One of the best and easiest sales enablement tools you can leverage are DiscoverOrg’s Scoops – helping you to decipher who to get in touch with, when, and how. Yesterday Baxter International announced that following the successful spinoff of its biopharmaceuticals business, James Saccaro, former Vice President and Treasurer for the company, will rejoin Baxter International as Chief Financial Officer. Robert Hombach will be appointed as Chief Financial Officer for the independent biopharmaceuticals company.

Beginning August 4th, 2014 Saccaro will report to Robert Parkinson, Jr., Baxter’s Chairman and CEO.

Successful Biopharmaceutical Spinoff Business

In March the company announced its plans to split into two separate, independent global healthcare companies; one developing and marketing innovative biopharmaceuticals and the other one life-saving medical products. While the split in the company has caused big changes within the organization, Saccaro has rejoined the company to ensure continued growth and strength of the entity. Can you help?

“Both businesses require disciplined financial management of our global operations, including an intense focus on driving performance and enhancing value for our shareholders,” said Parkinson. “I’ve had the honor of working directly with Bob and Jay for many years, and both are extraordinary executives who bring deep knowledge of the businesses, financial experience and leadership as we advance our work to create two separate, independent healthcare companies.”

Finance and Operations Industry Leader

Saccaro rejoins the company after serving as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Hill-Rom Corporation.

He attended Stanford University where he received his master’s degree in engineering economic systems and a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Saccaro began his career with the company in 2002 holding a variety of finance and operations positions in the company’s Medical Products and BioScience businesses. In 2011, Saccaro was elected as Baxter’s corporate Vice President and Treasurer. Saccaro began his career at Walt Disney Company in strategic planning.

As the company splits into two, likely they will experience an influx of leadership changes, project initiatives, and spending. The restructuring of an organization creates great selling opportunities, especially as Baxter International is pushing into a new market and industry.

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