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Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Right now, there are changes happening and new initiatives starting in the IT, Marketing and Finance departments of your targeted prospects. Are you aware of them?

Sales Scoops are business activities that signal whether a target account is ready, willing and able to buy. These are prime opportunities for sales professionals to reach out to their ideal buyer when they are the most likely to make a purchase. A change in leadership, for example, usually leads to large spending initiatives as the new incumbent makes changes to infrastructure, processes and priorities.

A recent study conducted by DiscoverOrg concluded that in the IT industry, 25% of CIOs who had been in their position for less than a year said that they spent over $1 million, and 71% of those did so in the first three months in their new position. [tweet_dis]Studies also show that the first vender in the door wins the business over 70% of the time. [/tweet_dis]Being alerted of moves and changes as they happen gives you the opportunity to be in place when a prospect needs your solution.

Customers of DiscoverOrg are the first to know about Triggers within the Technical, Sales & Marketing, Finance, and HR departments of Fortune Ranked, Mid-Sized, and SME companies in North America and Europe.  Below is a summary of last week’s activity within the DiscoverOrg database.

Scoops Reported in the DiscoverOrg Database Last Week:

SuperValu named Heather Hanscom Chief Information Security Officer reflecting the company’s focus on security related issues following a major security breech in October of 2014. They’ve implemented a new information security strategy including a model that includes new monitoring and incident response capabilities. The company has shown interest in the development of solutions and technologies which detect malicious software.

Ericsson named Andy Ulrich head of Security (North America). Previously, Ulrich served as Chief Information Security Officer at MoneyGram International. Ericsson, which has completed a series of large acquisitions in the last few months, is in the midst of IT initiatives developing modular network architecture with advanced software with baseband units to handle data processing.

Nationstar Mortgage has named Sridhar Sharma Chief Information Officer. The company is evaluating new software and hardware related to information security, and sources within IT have indicated that the company is planning projects around disaster recovery.

Moody’s is planning to invest over $100 million to support a multi-year IT transformation initiative, which will include business process optimization, publishing technology re-engineering, and upgrades to the company’s content management systems, analytic platform frameworks, and document management systems. Sources have also indicated that the company is planning IT projects related to data requirements, data flows, data modeling, workflow context & design, and user interface designs for the company’s endeavors.

Electronic Arts has indicated increased spending for information security technologies, disaster recovery planning, and data security compliance. They are planning to build IaaS and PaaS capabilities leveraging service catalogues including user interfaces and corresponding REST APIs with integrated monitoring and metering services. They are currently in the midst of server build and deployment initiatives in traditional data centers as well as cloud & virtualization infrastructure allocation and implementations.

Sources within Halliburton have indicated an increased interest in the use of digital technologies to support business operations. Halliburton is currently leveraging digital solutions to support internal data storage, customer interaction, processing, and transmission functions. The company plans to evaluate and invest in technology solutions that will enhance the company’s operational efficiency and reduce reservoir uncertainty among customers. Sources have indicated plans for increased spending related to the integration of information management, lease administration, billing, sales, financial, accounting, purchasing, and fixed asset systems following the company’s acquisition of Baker Hughes, which is expected to close in the second half of 2015.

Opportunity is a knockin’. It’s our job to let you know about these prime selling scoops, but it’s your job to reach out and capitalize on these ideal circumstances.

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