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What’s a little friendly cold call competition?

It was an ordinary Tuesday morning for two salesmen … except that Robert is feeling a little extra competitive with his cold call skills.

“Smell that?” he asks. “It smells like sales.” In fact, it smells like selling five deals by happy hour. The gauntlet is thrown down.

Dan raises the stakes: He can close ten deals – by lunchtime.

A little playful pressure strikes a chord of competition in each man, and with fierce kidding (not kidding) looks, they rush to their offices to start the cold call competition by picking up the phone.

Hilarity ensures.

Robert spends the morning crushing it, marking an ever-growing list of sales wins on the glass wall of his office – much to the irritation of hapless Dan, who has no luck at all (unless you consider it lucky to spend most of an hour navigating a phone tree, only to reach the assistant’s assistant).

Dan’s list of wrong numbers and outdated names leads to a lonely elderly woman, a long-absent CEO, and a maze of other dead-ends – until Robert finally takes pity on his friend.

Robert crushes the cold call competitionRobert takes a break from slurping his celebratory take-out noodles to drop some knowledge on Dan: His secret sales cold call weapon? DiscoverOrg.

Hope lights up Dan’s face, and as he starts Googling on his phone, even Siri weighs in: Wait – you’re in sales, and you don’t know DiscoverOrg?

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