Many companies and organizations have entire teams dedicated to finding new business prospects.

While there are many different kinds of lead generation – content marketing, advertising, SEO, email campaigns, cold calling, list-buying, hosting events, and attending tradeshows, just to name a few – a sales and marketing intelligence tool is great for discovering new, quality leads, quickly, as well as enhancing your other lead gen efforts.

This comes in handy when trying to maintain a pipeline of leads all year long!

How to prospect at tradeshows using data intelligence

At DiscoverOrg, we use sales intelligence in a very specific process to get the most out of tradeshows.

Here’s how it works.

The tradeshow or event itself is the central hub of activity – but my team uses DiscoverOrg to drive even more ROI from pre and post show activities.

For example, suppose we’re sponsoring a sales development conference in San Francisco. I’ll look at the conference roster and at social media to see who else will be there – plus companies who have a nearby office but who aren’t going to the conference, that I can either invite to attend the conference or offer an on-site office visit from one of our reps. Next, I identify which of those are a good fit for DiscoverOrg’s solution.

I then consider which sales reps are they likely to send – probably an SDR manager who’s local to the event – then segment the list by area of responsibility, by the rep’s geolocation (not the headquarter location).

From there, I build targeted contact list and craft a super-specific message, crafted to their role and the experience they’re hoping to get at the show – and reach out to these clients and prospects before the show.

At this point, I don’t have to hope my message will resonate. I know it will.


I’ll line up pre-show and post-show activities: happy hours, on-site visits, dinners, coffee, follow-up meetings with prospects and clients alike. We invested in the cost of the event, plus the cost of sending our sales rep there, and we want to take advantage of every opportunity!

After the show, it’s time to address that stack of business cards that the sales rep brought back. I scan the names and email addresses into Excel, then use our sales intelligence platform to match email domains to companies in our database. I can look at the org chart to see where that contact fits into the larger organization (and I can see if there’s a better contact to prospect to).

I now have a very clear picture of who to engage with, and how to engage with them!

sales intelligence lead generation

power of sales intelligence - lead generation

Sales intelligence is critical for lead generation.

Join us as we examine 7 specific ways that this kind of intelligence impacts marketing and sales processes.

In Part 1, we tackled data quality and management. In Part 2, we discussed creating an Ideal Customer Profile. This is part 3.

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Maximize lead gen from tradeshows and events

A business cannot solely rely on inbound leads to grow and thrive. Sales must get on the phones, attend events, and find leads the “outbound” way as well.

At trade shows and events, some reps collect as much contact information as possible: the more names, titles, and companies they’ve logged, the better.

More information isn’t necessarily a bad thing (except when it is), but it’s not really possible to determine the strength of a lead, or whether the account is worth the time to follow up and win. That’s because the information provided is usually incomplete – titles without last names, or company name only. That’s where we use a sales intelligence tool like DiscoverOrg to complete and enrich the lead info we get.

A warm, quality MQL means prospecting to the right leads

With intelligence, sales can easily identify an attendee’s role within an organization. They see not only the one person with whom they spoke for 30 seconds at an event, but the entire department of peers. If one event lead goes dark, it’s not a dead-end; sales can follow the reporting structure to pursue those who have the signing authority.

Think of that stack of business cards you brought back from your latest event. Are the people you spoke with decision makers or budget holders? Probably not … but how do you connect the dots? DiscoverOrg can take the name or email address of the person you met and find additional contacts at that same company who should be on your radar – plus other information from the DiscoverOrg database to enrich the lead.

A rep’s initial contact at an event is often a lower-level person without decision-making power. That’s where org charts – organizational hierarchy – comes in very handy: We’ll reach out to a VP of sales with a message like: “Hey Tara, I met your rep Sam at Dreamforce, and he mentioned the need for more direct-dials on their prospects. Is that a challenge for the rest of the team as well?”

Nothing beats face to face interaction, and when you can leverage those new relationships to get in front of the budget holders at target accounts it helps boost your credibility.

DiscoverOrg has more integrations than any other data provider. See if we integrate with your marketing automation or sales tracking system.

Skip the middleman.

You don’t just have a lead; you have a quality lead, more promising than those business cards you collected. Now you can spend time following up with known targets who represent real revenue potential for your services.

Marketing can also take advantage of intelligence in the event space. Some platforms have mapping tools that can pinpoint where, geographically, the most ideal prospects are located.

Hosting an event in a location central to these contacts may result in better attendance, and more quality leads for your sales team.

And with sales intelligence, you can take lead generation to the next level.

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