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Ok, so you’re mid-way through planning out your agenda for Dreamforce. The sheer number of sessions and events can be overwhelming, but there’s one you’ll definitely want to pencil in. Sales Velocity is in its second year, but it’s already a huge pull for sales and marketing professionals – it’s filling up quickly and space is limited.

The event is FREE, just two blocks from Moscone Center, and the last couple of hours are devoted to happy hour networking – but the real draw is the amazing lineup.

Here are three reasons you cannot miss Sales Velocity this year:

Kraig Kleeman at Sales Velocity | Dreamforce 20151. Certified Badass Kraig Kleeman was selected to speak alongside former Prime Minister Tony Blair, sat on a panel with former President George W. Bush at the World Leaders Forum, and even won meetings with Presidents Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter while he was still in HIGH SCHOOL.

However, none of those are more impressive (or just plain cooler) than talking his way into hanging out with Bono, on a whim, in a random bar in Amsterdam, to prove a point about sales strategy. Basically, you gotta listen to this guy. He’s the self-proclaimed “World’s Greatest Cold Caller” and the creator of the Must-React System, which some consider to be the Bible of prospecting.

Kill COnrath at Sales Velocity | Dreamforce 20152. If you work in sales and you haven’t been conducting your business from under a large rock, you’ve probably heard of Jill Konrath. A prolific speaker, consultant, and author – she’s, like, the definition of thought leader. In fact, she’s been named to SLMA’s Most Influential People four times, and her newsletters & blogs are read by hundreds of thousands of sales professionals across multiple industries.

But what is really unmissable about seeing her speak is her brilliant, yet simple approach to value-based selling. Well, that, and the chance to get her to autograph your copy of SNAP Selling.

Trish Bertuzzi at Sales Velocity | Dreamforce 20153. Trish Bertuzzi is a constant presence on industry Influencer lists, and for good reason. She’s the Founder of The Bridge Group, a highly respected consulting firm that focuses specifically on inside sales, and has helped over 200 companies transform or build world-class teams.

She’s frequently featured in national business publications and top industry blogs, and has been a fixture at Dreamforce for the past two years. But more importantly, she LOVES to read TMZ – true story.

So, how’s the afternoon of September 15th looking? Oh, you’re free? Then we’ll see you there.

Don’t forget to reserve your spot ASAP.

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