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Remember when the “sales tech stack” was just a CRM? I do. It wasn’t long ago.

Things have changed a lot in a decade. Today, the average organization has upwards of 20+ marketing and sales tools in their tech stack and many thousands more exist, all promising to boost ROI in their own way.

But in the midst of all the change, the CRM has maintained and reinforced its central role. Nearly every sales and marketing technology boasts integration with the CRM and most commonly they integrate with first.

DiscoverOrg is no exception. But why? What’s the big deal about integration, anyway?

Why is everyone talking about integration?

I have a love-hate relationship with the word integration. I hate it because it can mean so many different things; when left to interpretation, it means relatively little to me.

On the other hand, I know that hidden behind the veil of that moniker lies the magic for how technologies deliver real value in the day-to-day workflow of sales and marketing teams. DiscoverOrg’s sales and marketing intelligence platform is one of those technologies.

Great solutions don’t just do great things; they deliver value when, where, and how teams need it. Great solutions help teams and individuals automate and execute the very practical, tactical, and operational steps necessary for generating consistent and predictable pipeline and revenue.

Integrated technologies turn hypothetical benefits into reality by plugging holes and bridging gaps in the workflow that sales and marketing teams go through to engage prospects, develop relationships, and drive revenue.

Having just released exciting new enhancements to DiscoverOrg’s (dare I say it) integration with Salesforce, I’ve gained an even greater appreciation for just how critical integration is at every stage of the pipeline generating process.

With that in mind, I’d like to highlight some of the magic we’ve added in the latest edition of the DiscoverOrg CRM Application – Salesforce® Edition.

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What’s new in DiscoverOrg’s Salesforce integration (why it matters)

Upgrades improvements Salesforce integrationSee the difference with updated inline pages

Inline pages have been redesigned for better clarity and fit within Salesforce’s Lightning UI.

Inline pages make DiscoverOrg’s human-verified data easily accessible on Lead, Contact, and Account records in Salesforce. Without leaving a record, users can view rich company and employee profiles, detailed Org Charts, installed Technologies, actionable insights in Scoops and OppAlerts, and Similar Companies.

New visual indicators identify discrepancies between salesforce and DiscoverOrg data points

Inline pages allow users to quickly see when specific fields are updated by our team of researchers, find discrepancies between Salesforce data points and DiscoverOrg’s verified data, and make updates to Salesforce records with one click.

OppAlerts are now available on inline pages

OppAlerts are DiscoverOrg’s predictive intent signals that alert sales and marketing teams when someone at an account is conducting high levels of research on topics related to their business (Note: OppAlerts is an optional add-on service and will only display for customers enrolled in this service)

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Redesigned Advanced Search mirrors the platform experience

Advanced Search redesign

Our newly redesigned advanced search function lets users build lists with the same level of granularity offered in the DiscoverOrg platform. Users can segment on 100+ Company, Employee, Location, Trigger, and Technology data points and save searches to be viewed at a later time.

Saved Search mirroring

Saved searches are now mirrored between DiscoverOrg and Salesforce, so users can build and save searches in one location – and retrieve the results in either application.

Salesforce integration includes advanced search

Sort search results by DealPredict score

DealPredict is DiscoverOrg’s account and lead scoring tool for prioritizing accounts based on ideal customer fit and propensity to buy. The new Salesforce integration lets users sort search results by DealPredict score to prioritize outreach. DealPredict settings are managed in the platform.

Boolean search for keyword searches

Keyword searches now support Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT.

Create workflows from actionable insights and intent data

New custom objects enable operationalization of Scoops and OppAlerts in Salesforce

With the latest update to our Salesforce application, organizations can configure the automatic retrieval and storage of metadata from our Scoops and OppAlerts, and save it in custom objects. Salesforce administrators can then create workflows that feed lead and account scoring programs, automatically send tasks or alerts to reps for follow-up, route leads to users, and run Salesforce reports by rep or team – just to name a few example workflows.

Native Salesforce records can indicate the date of the most recent Trigger or OppAlert

Lead, Contact, and Account records can now display the date of the latest available Trigger and Account records can be updated with the date of the latest avaialble OppAlerts.

Triggers are actionable insights about key personnel changes, upcoming purchase initiatives, or events that could create favorable circumstances for a potential purchase of a solution or services.

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Know which records already exist in Salesforce

Lead and Contact record matching

Visual indicators now make it easier than ever to know whether or not records from DiscoverOrg already exist as Leads or Contacts in Salesforce – so users know which records to add and which to ignore. Visual indicators are available in Advanced Search and for individuals within Org Charts.

Unrestricted access to company data for all companies

All company data now available regardless of access scope

DiscoverOrg customers subscribe to datasets that provide access to contacts in specific departments such as IT, Marketing, or Sales.

Now, with any DiscoverOrg subscription, company level data – including actionable insights in Scoops – is available for all companies in Salesforce and in the DiscoverOrg platform, regardless of access scope. Within Advanced Search, Append & Clean, and ListMatch, accounts matching firmographic considerations will populate. (Employee data will still be restricted, depending on the user’s subscription level.)

Salesforce integration line pages

Find and enrich records without intensive matching exercises

Newly redesigned ListMatch experience

We’ve made it easier than ever to copy and paste or upload a .CSV list of companies or employees – and identify matching records, possible matches, and non-matches in DiscoverOrg’s database. It is now possible to view scoops related to companies or employees identified during bulk match searches. We’ve also enhanced the ListMatch algorithm to reduce false positives and improve match rates.

Flag bounced email addresses and identify replacement emails

Append & Clean bounced email identification

Now when organizations run the Append & Clean function to add and update Salesforce records with DiscoverOrg data, they have the option to also verify email addresses in Salesforce against DiscoverOrg’s database of known bounced emails.

If a replacement email exists in a user’s access scope, the defunct email can be replaced with the new one.

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A true leader for real workflow

DiscoverOrg was recently recognized in Forbes as one of eight tech tools Business Development Professionals Can’t Live Without. Dane Matheson of Sourcebits says:

DiscoverOrg democratizes customer information and makes it available to its users. Gaining access to their human-verified datasets allows me to dedicate more time to building relationships with key contacts across various departments and sectors of business. This software allows me to speak directly with decision makers, effectively reducing the sales cycle by an order of magnitude.


But it’s not just what the DiscoverOrg platform is making available and accessible; it’s where and how insights are delivered.

By creating seamless movement of many different kinds of data between systems, users of DiscoverOrg’s Salesforce integration receive insights within their system of record, embedded in their workflow. This helps prospect and generate pipeline more efficiently.

Sales, Sales Development, and Marketing teams use DiscoverOrg CRM Application – Salesforce Edition to identify, understand, and engage with their ideal prospects with greater precision, timeliness, and control.

Many data providers claim to deliver similar value in the lead and revenue lifecycle. But when it comes to actual processes and practical execution, DiscoverOrg leads the pack.

With the latest enhancements to our DiscoverOrg CRM Application – Salesforce® Edition, users have greater access to human-verified data with the same quality experience they’ve come to expect in the DiscoverOrg platform -now within Salesforce, embedded and automated in their daily workflows.

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