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What makes a great sales organization?If you’re going to work one of the most difficult jobs out there, you might as well do so while sharing those valuable hours of your life with a company that’s going to appreciate them.

That’s why DiscoverOrg is proud to be included in Selling Power’s 2018 ranks of 50 Best Companies to Sell For!

We’re honored. But we’re curious: What qualities does the sales team think contribute to an exceptional sales organization?

We asked a few of our hard-working sales development reps and customer success reps what they thought – and see if you can find the common thread among their answers.

Smart people

If there’s anything I’ve learned as an individual contributor on one of the most successful sales teams, it’s that the magic happens in the 41st hour. That’s probably the most difficult hour for some people because it might mean missing a Friday happy hour or two. Some of the best conversations I’ve had happened outside of the 8 to 5. Sales can be one of the most defeating fields to work in, so your success depends heavily on how much you believe in what you’re selling, who you’re selling to, and who’s on that journey with you. These three factors are good indicators of whether you want to be there an additional hour or five or ten.

It would be fair to say that my team and I see each other more in the daytime than we see our own families. It’s a choice we make every day when we come in. We choose to grow together and elevate one another, and when we do go home to our loved ones, we come back to them better than we were before.

But all of this really comes down to the big one, and that’s our people. You can have an amazing product, but if you don’t have the talent, curiosity, and intelligence behind it, you have nothing. In a world that relies so heavily on computers and robots for the answers, DiscoverOrg put the people back in. Our research team is a vital part of the technology we sell. I’ll beam about them all day long.

I’m most proud of my sales team, so I see this as an opportunity to raise them to the light and hold them there. Working alongside you all has been the most humbling and growing experience.

Mina Meman, Sales Development Rep

Mina wants smart, dedicated people on her team (who doesn’t?), and that’s what we hire for: hustle, grit, heart, and smarts.
Education and advancement opportunities

Here’s another SDR:

Every sales organization is only as successful as its people. If you want to see your organization flourish, start by investing in each person. Give them the tools they need, the training they want, and the trust they deserve.

That’s the beauty of being on the sales team at DiscoverOrg. Management gives us a plethora of outreach tools so we can target using every channel. Our Learning & Development team regularly rolls out new trainings so we become more proficient at both the sales profession and the DiscoverOrg platform. But most importantly, they trust us to get the job done. And we do.

Ryan Morris, Sales Development Rep

Ryan agrees that people make the difference in a sales team – with the addition of education opportunities, to keep skills sharp. With sales technology changing so quickly and account-based strategy upending traditional priorities, ongoing education is key. Our award-winning L&D department contributes to the success of our organization.

Positive influence

How about over in our remarkable Customer Success department?

What makes a great sales organization awardAs a member of the Customer Success team, I’m in a unique position to influence and grow the account post-sales. Our leadership team makes sure that we have all the tools that we need to succeed in both the renewal and sales parts of our roles.

It’s great to see the growth that’s possible when you pay attention to your clients and serve them to the best of our company’s abilities. We have a great solution and the right people in place to ensure that our culture of excellence continues to grow.

Jason Shaw, Customer Success Manager

Again, it’s all about hiring people who are enthusiastic about the company’s goals. Are you feeling a little deja vu? It starts with people, and at the end of the day, people will determine if your business succeeds or not.

A people-centric model for success

What makes a great sales organization awardFor most companies, cost reductions and cutbacks have done little to fuel real growth in either sales or revenues. Increasing worker productivity and innovation represent the best paths to business growth.

Through honest leadership, a culture of collaboration, and giving clear vision and identity, DiscoverOrg creates a culture where employees feel valued and invested in helping the business succeed. When you strive to be a good employer like DiscoverOrg, you reduce employee stress and improve business, as well as long-term profitability.

Elaina Hatch, Sales Development Representative

Honesty. Collaboration. Vision. Value.

We don’t measure human-centric qualities the same way we measure conversion, quota, or retention, but they impact revenue directly: Reducing employee stress reduces turnover. This trickles down the line to impact customer churn and revenue – for better or worse.

Not to mention, creating a culture where people willingly give their best effort is often the critical key to closing the deal.

Account Executive Carolyn Murray says in Selling Sales to Women, “No, we don’t need ping pong tables or kombucha and beer on tap. Sell an environment where hard work is rewarded, mentorship is encouraged, and diversity creates success.”

As the 50 Best Companies to Sell For award shows, it’s a short bridge between a people-first business environment – and business won.

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