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Sixteen Ventures, a consulting agency focused on helping SaaS and Cloud companies identify, acquire and keep more customers to bring about growth and profitability.

Identifying your company’s “IDEAL CUSTOMER” is incredibly powerful. It can also be a somewhat overwhelming and daunting task. Some sales experts advocate creating a composite profile of your current customers and working from that to identify your “ideal” – but were all of your current customers an ideal fit? Has your offering evolved? Making sure that you are targeting accounts that really are what you would consider “ideal” is an exercise worth spending some time and consideration – and re-examining as your circumstances change. Here, Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures explains that the ideal customer should be ready, willing, and able to benefit from your solution.

  • Ready: Use detailed company profiles to reveal what installed technologies are in use as well understanding ongoing projects and initiatives.
  • Willing: Subscribe to trigger streams or online updates to alert you when organizations are most ripe to make a purchase – such as a leadership changes, new round of funding, or upcoming IT projects
  • Able: Search beyond job title, using job function or responsibility to identify the key stakeholders in the decision

Read more to learn how defining your Ideal Customer Profile can help you increase conversions, reduce churn and grow the success of your current clients.

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