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By Mike Brooks, www.MrInsideSales.com

Social Media and the sales environment of “Sales 2.5” was supposed to make selling easier.  Just get the right connections on LinkedIn, join the right groups on social sites, present yourself as the thought leader in your industry, and viola – instant success.  No more cold calling, all your emails returned, and suddenly your LinkedIn group has thousands of members who are buying from you and sending you referrals….  Well, how’s that working for you so far?

If you’re still struggling to figure out a way to actually make the promise of social media become a reality for your everyday results, then you’ll need to learn a few tricks of the trade when it comes to social media selling.  Here are four tips you can begin using right away:

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Tip Number One: Cold Calling is NOT dead.  Perhaps nothing made sales reps more happy as the promise that you’d never have to cold call again now that you had all those wonderful, warm connections, referrals and call ins from your social activity.  If you’re in sales, then you know that isn’t true, and, moreover, you know that learning how to use the phone effectively to reach out and make a connection with someone is even more important today.

So your first tip is to – Keep Calling!  But learn how to adjust your calling so it’s more in alignment with the theme of social media – meaning, make your cold calls warm, inviting, educational.  Instead of calling to talk at someone, learn to make a connection and speak with them instead.  In other words, you need to learn the New Rules to Cold Calling…

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Tip Number Two: Stop Sending an Email that Looks and Sounds Like Everyone Else’s

The reason you’re not getting a response from your emails is probably because you’re still sending out the same old emails that look and feel like everyone else’s.   And that is just going to get you the same response as everyone else’s:  Little to no response!

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Tip Number Three: Stop Using LinkedIn as a Place to Post Your Resume

Question for you: How many deals, actual sales, have you gotten from LinkedIn?  If your answer is, “Not many,” then you are probably making the mistakes MOST of your competition is making…  For example: If you’re trying to join groups and participate like everyone else, then you’ll get lost just like everyone else.  If you’re building your profile like a resume, then it will get treated like a resume (thrown away!).

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Tip Number Four: Harness the Power of Webinars to Truly Be a Subject Matter Expert

Social Media is all about putting you in front of your target audience and positioning you as a subject matter expert.  And webinars are one of the best ways to do this.  So, the question is: How many webinars have you, as a sales professional, put together and successfully run?  Once again, if your answer is, “Not many,” then once again, I’ve got good news for you!

Once you learn the right technology (easy, fast and inexpensive), you can create what is known as “evergreen” webinars that run on demand and still have the look and feel of a new and live webinar.  This means you can be in front of hundreds of potential clients 24/7 without having to do anything (except creating it to begin with).

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