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Steve W, Martin is the founder of the Heavy Hitter sales training program, the author of the “Heavy Hitter” series of books on the human nature of enterprise sales, and USC Faculty member.

Some sales tactics are well-known and accepted, like the importance of being there to get your foot in the door first. But other tactics are less understood, and yet equally important. Taking the indirect approach to a sale may seem counter-intuitive; however, if you use a battlefield analogy you would see that it is more effective to approach from the sides rather than straight into enemy fire.

In his blog post, author Steve W. Martin details seven important tactics to getting the upper hand in today’s sophisticated buying environment. Why knock at the front door when the prospects are sitting at the kitchen table. Meet them where they are, establish a report that reinforces that you understand their needs, and make sure to arrive first.

    • First mover advantage: Use sales scoops to stay alert to buying signals. The first vendor to propose a solution is shown to win the deal 70% of the time – don’t give away this advantage by being late to the table.
    • Plan: Being there first is only advantageous if you provide value. Good account intelligence will help you to understand the prospect’s goals in seeking a solution, set the parameters for success and eliminate the threat of competition.
    • Get the inside scoop: Take the time to get an understanding of the customer landscape – understand what installed technologies they use, scope out which decision makers are involved in this project and stay abreast of news and changes at the prospect company.

Read here for seven specific tactics for winning deals using the indirect approach.

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