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The changing privacy laws, most recently seen in the Canadian anti-spam legislation that went into effect July 1 of this year, have been making me think about The Sound of Music. It is a great movie, but specifically how Maria turns a negative into a positive when she says “when a door is closing, somewhere, someone opens a window.”

The Canadian CAN-SPAM law has brought awareness in the US to a global trend toward aggressive privacy regulations. Marketers are required to gain “opt-in” or have an existing business relationship before sending electronic communications to Canadian businesses (even if you are based outside of Canada.) But Canada does not have the strictest laws. Australia’s law restricts emailing to someone unless you have an existing business relationship and the recipient has consented to receive your emails. But this is not the end of marketing as we know it – it is just time to move to sales strategies that will allow you to make those connections without the risk of non-compliance.

Marketers and sales teams who have previously over-relied on email campaigns should know: another window is wide open. Re-examine your sales strategy and see that the window of opportunity has revealed the path to significantly shorter sales cycles, higher revenues and, from what we hear, a more motivated sales staff.

Consider the alternatives to email marketing: cold calling, direct mail and tradeshows.  Let’s dig in deeper on cold calling: a sales rep calls you, reaching you on your direct line, talking to you about a solution to a problem you are currently facing. The result is different, because the approach is different. That is the power of direct dials. And this sales strategy changes everything.

Move to direct dials from blind emails – triple your meetings.

Having access to direct dial phone numbers changes the sales process in a number of ways. First, the average sales person currently spends less than 45% of their time actually selling. The rest of the time they spend researching and performing administrative duties. Second, a recent study conducted by Vorsight and showed that with a 2X the direct dial phone numbers, reps can expect 3X the number of meetings set.

Why the dramatic difference? If you can directly reach people on your list, prospecting becomes more targeted and more efficient. The Vorsight study elaborates four key reasons:

  • Calls coming in via direct dial are displayed differently on the Caller ID
  • Sometimes the dial-by-name directories are turned off early and late in the day- precisely the times when you have a better chance of reaching busy executives.
  • Avoid gatekeepers – with direct dials, sales reps are spending less time charming the switchboard or assistants of the contacts they need to reach.
  • Speed – direct dials are simply more efficient and a faster way to reach prospects. This leads directly to another tactic you should consider.

Conduct more than a day’s worth of calls in a single hour.

An enhanced auto-dialer, also called a Conversation Automation Platform, like the one we’ve partnered with, ConnectLeader, enables sales teams to conduct more than a day’s worth of calls in a single hour. Since ConnectLeader and DiscoverOrg both have sophisticated native integrations with, joint customers can build highly targeted call lists and load them into their ConnectLeader platform. The auto-dialer rings your prospect list and drops your pre-recorded voicemail into mail boxes, or transfers live answers seamlessly to waiting sales reps. Actions and results of conversations are recorded in your CRM.

Direct dial prospecting provides the most effective form of sales acceleration.

Taking the focus off the increasingly constrained blind email campaign allows you to focus on more effective and productive sales strategies will make your team more successful and happy.

Pairing sales intelligence with direct dial phone numbers gives sales and marketing teams the ability to identify opportunities and reach prospects at the moment when they are most likely to purchase. Our detailed organizational charts, direct dial phone numbers and real-time intelligence on opportunities propels the sales process forward. When one door closes, look for the window of opportunity.

Let us show you how DiscoverOrg’s data intelligence solution is delivering success to the feet of sales teams like yours. Sample our data to get your started on your direct dial campaign.

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