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Today our blog is focused entirely around Scoops happening right now in the Big Data space. These scoops give you not only insight into what the company is currently focused on – but also a first look at sales opportunities happening at the company. Applied Materials, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and McDonald’s have all raised their hands recently and essentially said “we need your help with big data initiatives”.

The Advantage Your Sales Team Has With Access to Scoops:

Scoops add two major advantages in the sales cycle: First, they give you a reason (and context) to start a valuable conversation at the right time. When you call with inside information about leadership transitions or new projects/initiatives, you are significantly distancing yourself from your competition. Don’t call cold. Call with right ammo to get the conversation started. “Jake – I heard you’re experience pain points with your current big data solutions – let me show you how our product can help solve those problems and move your team in the right direction”. Let your competition flail around in the dark – but there’s no reason you need to join them.

Secondly, scoops give you access to the right person, making sales more efficient and effective. You know about their transition, projects, pain points – you can help identify where their needs are and how your product can fulfill those needs. With direct contact information, you’ll be able to bypass gatekeepers and get directly in touch with the decision maker. Right message, right time, right person.

Big Data Projects at Applied Materials, Kimberly-Clark and McDonald’s

Applied Materials (Santa Clara, CA): sources indicate the company is in the midst of discovery and use case projects for big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). They are in the midst of a big data proof-of-concept (POC) development leveraging Amazon Web Services. In November, the company revealed that they were also in the midst of developing a big data application that will store and analyze the company’s semiconductor equipment sensor data.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Irving, TX): sources have indicated an increased investment toward the development of big data programs and the use of data visualization & analytics technologies. They’ve also recently indicated interest in the evaluation of new tools and procedures that will support the development of new mobile applications. They are currently planning several initiatives related to the development of a mobile application strategy and implementation of a mobile software development lifecycle (SDLC).

McDonald’s (Oak Brook, IL): sources have indicated an increased interest in the evaluation of solutions that will further support the use of data to enhance customer service. The company has indicated an interest in developing and implementation initiatives related to big data solutions. They currently leverage Apache Hadoop, Falcon, Tez and Knox big data technologies.

What Does This Mean for You?

DiscoverOrg users have access to these Scoops (and thousands more weekly) – virtually providing sales and marketing reps with a magnifying glass into the pain points, spending initiatives, and leadership changes at their targeted accounts. Not only are they the first to know about selling opportunities, they also have access to organization charts mapping out entire IT departments. With direct contact information for all decision makers involved, DiscoverOrg users are able to significantly cut down on the time, energy and money it takes to close the deal.

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