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This week we’re drilling down into our Scoops and focusing on hot, primed opportunities happening right now in the IT storage space.  Boars Head, University of Iowa and Harley Davidson are actively seeking help in migrating servers, upgrading data center operations, or might already be over their head in data center transformation projects. These are hot, qualified leads for those operating in the storage space.

Scoops do two things: First, they give you a reason (and context) to start a valuable conversation. When you call with inside information about leadership transitions or new projects/initiatives, you are significantly distancing yourself from your competition. Secondly, scoops give you access to the RIGHT person. You’ll be reaching out to the right person at the right time, making sales more efficient and effective. You know about their transition, projects, pain points – you can help identify where their needs are and how your product can fulfill those needs.

Statistically, the first vendor in the door is the one who wins the sale. Strike while the iron is hot – don’t be the second person to make this call.

Storage Projects at Harley Davidson, University of Iowa & Boar’s Head

Harley Davidson: sources have indicated a current interest being shown by Harley Davidson in projects related to data center migrations, database upgrades, and network upgrades. Since November of 2014, the company has been in the midst of a major data center transformation project including the implementation of a new private virtual cloud. The infrastructure is being migrated to risk-based backup and virtual converged infrastructure using the Cisco Nexus and UCS platforms; RISC servers are being migrated to IBM XIV and Power 8 servers.

University of Iowa: sources have indicated that the University of Iowa is implementing solutions for storage performance trending and will be developing a large scale enterprise service by June 2015. They recently upgraded to NetApp clustered data ONTAP for their file storage, and are in the midge of an initiation of pilot projects to create backup services for its servers. They are currently seeking technologies to standardize hardware for Intel base Hypervisor computer nodes within its data center related to Blade servers with converged infrastructure. The university is expected to consolidate its server and data centers to shared enterprise data centers by June 2015.

Boar’s Head: sources have unveiled that the company is interested in hardware sizing, server consolidation, clustering, and storage options to enhance its current database performance. The company recently implemented a new incident response program, and recently completed a LAN/WAN redesign, including infrastructure replacement, new WAN circuits, and a data center implementation with a new IP schema.

What Does This Mean for You?

DiscoverOrg users have access to these Scoops (and thousands more weekly) – virtually providing sales and marketing reps with a magnifying glass into the pain points, spending initiatives, and leadership changes at their targeted accounts. Not only are DiscoverOrg users the first to know about selling opportunities, they also have access to organization charts mapping out entire IT departments, and the direct contact information for all decision makers making the initial sales call a piece of cake.

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