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For staffing companies, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is one of those tools with which salespeople and recruiters have a love-hate relationship. Yes, it makes things considerably more efficient and quite a bit more streamlined than mountains of paperwork and file folders. But there’s also a cost behind automating the core sales and recruitment processes. Fallible human error may be bypassed, but now we’re faced with consuming literally thousands of data points. Advanced search and filters can only do so much in penetrating the sheer number of records any ATS can house.

At DiscoverOrg, our mission is to revolutionize the way people sell and recruit. We want to simultaneously make the prospecting process more effective while also leveling the playing field. Our goal is to create a product that, no matter the size of of a company’s workforce or the number of zeroes behind the dollar signs of annual revenue, removes the barriers to reach the people who could benefit from its product or service. At the end of the day, it’s about the ability to build meaningful relationships and solve challenges. And that’s why we worked with the like-minded and relationship management focused folks over at Bullhorn® to combine both our products into one super integration. I mean, these guys even have an annual event, named Engage, that is dedicated to “…accelerating business growth in the relationship economy.”

Up-to-date Verified Contact Data

Ever sent out a new email campaign to your ATS contacts only to get blacklisted after half of those contacts bounce? Hopefully you haven’t experienced the sinking-stomach feeling that results from that scenario. And now we can guarantee you never have to.

We’re guessing your current book of business is quite extensive, and who has the time (or energy) to make sure all those records are updated on a regular basis? With DiscoverOrg data baked right into your Bullhorn CRM, you don’t have to. Our sales intelligence data is automatically updated and human-verified. Not to mention, we’ll find any discrepancies in your data before things get messy.

What this means for your staffing salespeople is no more dead end phone calls from run-ins with gatekeepers and no more “this number is no longer in service” messages because old contacts have moved on without your knowledge. It means you can focus on relationship-building and, most importantly, deal-closing.DiscoverOrg now integrates with Bullhorn

Deeper Intel on Your Target Prospects

Found the perfect Purple Squirrel candidate but not sure where to place them? It’s not a simple matter of throwing their resume out there to see where it sticks. The trick is to target companies that you know employ that specific technology stack or skill set. Of course, the market research involved in gathering that knowledge is a significant burden, requiring hours of your own time or, instead, a dedicated (and pricey) research team.

Your third option is the DiscoverOrg CRM Application – Bullhorn® Edition. Our expanded sales intelligence data gives you the insight you need. In addition to the ever-important org chart, is the intel that reveals exactly what technologies and initiatives your target companies are deploying, allowing you to make the connection with a quick search and click of a button. Even better, you’ll find all this information integrated intuitively into the Bullhorn platform you already use.

This means you’ll have the ability to hyper segment your accounts based upon their technology stack, which allows you to better predict their workforce needs and deliver more valuable insight and resources. This capability is key to differentiating your staffing firm and engaging with your prospective clients’ true priorities. And it gets you one step closer to closing a deal, without the burden of extensive market research.

Workflow Process that Makes Sense

Remember the days when your pockets or purses were weighed down by a phone, a camera, an iPod, an agenda notebook, and maybe even a flashlight? But then the iPhone came along to revolutionize your pockets. Suddenly you had room to spare and just a few ounces of cutting edge technology at your fingertips to cover all your needs.

The business world hasn’t yet experienced the same kind of revolution. There’s a tool, program, and platform for literally everything, making workflows a chaotic mess and killing the efficiencies that each of these tools promised to capture in the first place. We get it.

That’s why the DiscoverOrg & Bullhorn integration is the perfect solution. You get all the perks of accurate contact data and detailed sales intelligence from DiscoverOrg right from your Bullhorn platform.

No more jumping back and forth. It’s a streamlined workflow process that makes sense for you.

Take Your ATS to New Levels

Once upon a time, the Applicant Tracking System was a revolutionary tool for the staffing industry. These days, it’s an indispensable resource that no staffing firm would be complete without. And yet, it has its limits. Outdated information that doesn’t reveal the big picture makes the sales process even more complex and time-consuming.

This all-too-familiar challenge is what drives us. The DiscoverOrg & Bullhorn integration aims to tip that love-hate relationship away from the realm of animosity and frustration.

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