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The sales profession as a whole is inherently focused on the pursuit of more, leaving little time for being grateful for that which we already have. Especially as the end of the year presses down on us, deadlines and quotas loom and stress increases, taking the time to reflect and be grateful may seem like just one more thing on your list. But here is why you should take the time. You will feel better and get better results if you take the time for gratitude, not just this week, but every week during the year. Even in weeks nothing seems to be going right, find time to remind yourself of the things that you have already achieved, of the people who admire you for your qualities, and of the people and things in your life for whom you are thankful. If you are able to focus on what matters and your gratitude for those things, happiness and success will follow.

Being grateful is not just a good habit, it is actually good for you as well. Being thankful actually does a lot for you. Psychologists indicate that practicing gratitude has benefits ranging from being able to think more clearly and feel better physically to actually being more liked by others. It also might help you be a more effective salesperson. Letting people know that you are thankful for them can go a long way in the sales process. Here are some examples:

Being Thankful to Customers

Holiday gifting is a traditional way of letting customers know that you appreciate their business but reaching out to extend your appreciation also works to strengthen your relationship. If you practice gratitude regularly with customers, and not just at the close of the year, it helps to keep you top of mind with customers, so that they might reach out to you to solve additional problems within the organization or give a reference to another prospect. Stay current with the company and what is going on with them, what roles people are in and when they move. A new executive will remember if you reached out when they were promoted. The more people within the organization you maintain a grateful relationship with, the more people you have who think well of you and will be happy to work with you more in the future or encourage others to do so.

Thanking Co-Workers

Companies have a lot going on at the end of the year, but taking pause to remember also that you are part of a good team, and that your company is doing well and that your efforts contribute to that is worth your time. The inside sales team that passes you leads or the manager who supplies you with great sales tools, these people should know that you appreciate their efforts and that you are grateful for them. When a co-worker has given you an idea, and it paid off, let them know that you appreciate their help. Everyone likes to be appreciated, and workers who feel appreciated are more satisfied and more productive. If everyone is contributing to an environment of gratitude, the entire team will be more successful.

Thanking Those Around You

Sales careers are demanding. This life demands a lot of you and those around you – and the stress of this vocation is felt by all around you. So make sure to take pause to appreciate them.  Mary Poppins may have said it best, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” So be nice, even when you are stressed – make sure that your loved ones know that you appreciate that they are sharing the journey with you.

We Are Thankful

Here at DiscoverOrg, we are thankful for the ability to provide customer sales teams powerful data that helps them to be more successful. We are thankful to have a strong team and that our customers vote us their favorite solution because of our customer service. We are thankful that we have a strong and enthusiastic team who help us be better all the time.

This week, we celebrate the giving of thanks as a nation. Being thankful, reflecting on the things that we value and cherish makes us feel good – so why not commit to doing it on a regular basis. It will have benefits to you and those around you and by next year you will find that you will have even more for which to give thanks.

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