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This week our sales team closed out Q1 with some of the highest numbers we’ve recorded yet. We gathered in the hall to celebrate, and I took a minute to reflect on our growing success over the past 11 months that I have been here.

Without ignoring the top-notch team that we have in place (these guys really are amazing), and the individual WOW factor that they all bring to the table, we can conclude that our success really does come from a few key areas. It goes without saying that our biggest asset is our product.  We sell a product that gives people the ability to spend more time selling, and less time doing painstaking research work. One of the key drivers to our sales team success is the ability to show their prospects in a live demo what a game changer it would be for them to have direct dial phone numbers on their target prospects. Over 96% of the contacts in our database include direct dial numbers.

Why is this important you ask? A study conducted by Vorsight and InsideSales.com looked at the prospect lists and calling frequency of outbound callers over a two year period. They found that every time you double the number of direct dial phone numbers, you will triple the number of meetings you set.

While the average salesperson is spending fewer than 45% of the time actually selling with the remainder of the time devoted to administrative tasks and preparation, teams with direct dials are able to conquer that prospect list more efficiently. Vorsight attributes this to four key reasons:

  •  Caller ID looks different
  • Sometimes the dial by name directories are turned off after-hours- precisely the        time when you have a better chance of catching that busy exec.
  • Call routing – you can bypass the switchboard or assistant.
  • Speed –

This leads us to my next point:

Cut your sales cycle in half, and increase the speed of contact using an enhanced autodialer.

In Q4 we partnered with dialing platform pioneer ConnectLeader to give sales teams the ultimate solution to improve sales performance.  Since ConnectLeader and DiscoverOrg both have sophisticated native integrations with Salesforce.com, joint customers now quickly build highly targeted call lists and seamlessly load them into their ConnectLeader platform.  The combined solution enables sales reps to conduct more than a day’s worth of conversations in just one hour.  Your Salesforce is now filled with good data and you conquered a high priority call list.  Imagine what you can accomplish with this improved efficiency.

Access to direct dials is the most effective sales acceleration solution available.

With our organizational charts, direct dial phone numbers and real IT intelligence, sales and marketing teams can identify opportunities and act on them in seconds instead of days. So while our sales reps are awesome, let’s face it they make people’s lives so much easier. The real credit is due to our amazing in-house research team who uncover these direct dials daily.


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Henry Schuck

Henry Schuck is the CEO of DiscoverOrg, an 8-time Fortune 5000 company, which he co-founded at the age of 23. He has extensive experience managing the sales and marketing activities of fast-growing information technology data companies.