The First 90 Days: A Look Back at Three IT Industry Leaders’ First Months of Tenure

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leadership-moves2-300x201The introduction of new IT industry leaders to a company is often followed by innovation. New executives hope to immediately make their mark on a new company by launching major projects and initiatives. In April, DiscoverOrg reported on five new industry leaders and released information on upcoming areas of spending for each company. Now, our analysts report on some of the changes that have occurred and disclose additional upcoming projects for three major companies featured in their previous report. Predictably, the new leaders moved quickly and began signing contracts and spending their new budget. Being the first to reach out to a new executive greatly increases the chances of landing a deal, according to DiscoverOrg research. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to be the first to act.

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When Olivia Combest began her tenure as Chief Information Officer, our analysts predicted investment in HR application projects. Over the past few months, Combest has solidified plans for upcoming projects. The company is planning to implement new systems solutions and enhancements within the functional finance area and is currently seeking talent with experience with SAP FI/CO to support this project. Sources in IT have also divulged plans to leverage Taleo Connect Client integrations with current HR systems for the execution of daily system projects and enhancement implementations among other Taleo Talent Management System upgrades.


As IT industry leader, Alex Stamos, joined Yahoo, analysts predicted a rise in information security programs and the automation of security processes. Stamos jumped right in and began working to improve information security with the addition of HTTPS encryption for the company’s homepage and the encryption of mail between Yahoo’s servers and other mail providers. Recent projects have included a push to secure information moving between data centers following the company’s reported profiling by the NSA and GCFW. Analysts expect Stamos, an outspoken critic of U.S. surveillance operations, to continue his efforts to ensure the security of the company’s information from similar breaches. In order to enhance the web platform’s security, the company is planning to implement HSTS, Certificate Transparency, and Perfect Forward Secrecy.


When Mike Crowe took over his new role as Chief Information Officer, DiscoverOrg reported that Colgate-Palmolive would be focusing on SAP projects and master data management over the next few months. The company recently implemented SAP FI/CO module within the SAP ECC 6.0 environment and is planning to leverage SAP FI/CO modules as part of a global rollout of a financial application bundle. Sources in IT have reported plans to develop new SAP Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and SAP Business Warehouse (BW) applications for the Supply Chain department. In a related effort, the company is planning to improve supply chain processes through the development of data integration solutions, leveraging SAP ABAP and Java technologies.

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Research shows that 25% of new CIOs will spend over $1 million in the first six months of tenure and 71% of those will do so in the first three months. You may have missed these opportunities to get involved in the beginning of a CIO’s tenure, but our Triggers will make sure you don’t miss any more opportunities. DiscoverOrg is constantly tracking IT industry leaders at companies just like these. With our inside intelligence, you can be the first to know when a new Chief Information Officer has been named, giving you the opportunity to be the first in the door to make a case for your product or service.

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