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Recently there’s been a lot of buzz about Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and also a lot of confusion. “It sounds a lot like outbound sales”, is something we’re hearing often. In a recent post, Sangram Vajre from Terminus responds to the three main statements below, made by Craig Rosenberg from TOPO, about Account-Based Marketing and explores why he believes the author has it right:

  • “ABM requires a truly coordinated effort between sales, sales development, marketing, and executive staff.”
  • “ABM requires deep account profiling shared between internal account stakeholders.”
  • “Marketing runs a steady mix of campaigns into ABM accounts.”

Take a deeper look into why Vajre (and Rosenberg) believe that in the next three years Account-Based Marketing will play a critical role in sales and marketing capability at companies that target enterprise accounts. Read the full post here.

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