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Over the last few weeks the NFL seems to have become the most popular topic of conversation, headlining the news daily with their involvement in scandal and corruption. However, with yesterday’s announcement of long-time Pepsi exec, Dawn Hudson, as the NFL’s new Chief Marketing Office, we can only hope that this is the beginning of the end of this particular PR crisis.

 (Re)Connecting the NFL With Fans

Hudson will begin her new position next month, and will report directly to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who made the announcement yesterday. She replaces Mark Waller, who recently took on a new role focusing on the growth of the NFL internationally.

“We are looking forward to working with Dawn, whose experience as a leader and marketer will help further connect the NFL with fans,” said Goodell.

Damage Control

Under fire from many women’s advocacy groups, it’s no surprise that the NFL has named a female business powerhouse as their newest Marketing executive. Following the reveal of multiple domestic violence scandals within the NFL, the league is openly making efforts to boost their female leadership involvement with the announcement of three female senior advisers brought in to “help lead and shape the NFL’s policies and programs relating to domestic violence and sexual assault.” In July, the NBA also named a female Marketing executive as its Chief Marketing Officer.

Broad Industry Experience

Hudson’s experience encompasses a broad range of Marketing positions, including senior agency roles and, most recently, five years at The Parthenon Group in the food and beverage sectors. Most notably, however, Hudson spent 11 years at Pepsi, serving a portion of that time as the North American CEO. She also served as board member for the LPGA.

“Sports have always played a big role in my life and in my career”, said Hudson.

CMO and CIO Working Together

Over the past few years we’ve seen an ever changing dynamic between the CMO and the CIO within large companies. Recently we’ve seen their priorities and goals continue to converge, and departments beginning to overlap and collaborate. Accenture found in a 2014 survey that both top IT and marketing execs agree on the top five Marketing IT priorities: customer experience, customer analytics, social media, corporate website, and other web application development. If you’re selling into either IT or Marketing, you’ll need to incorporate decision makers from both sides. DiscoverOrg’s new Marketing Database profiles entire Marketing departments, helping you know who to loop in from the very beginning. Start your sales cycle strong by having all your decision makers on the same page.

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