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Every week for the past two years, we’ve written a blog on top leadership changes happening in the IT, Finance and Marketing industries. We’ve introduced you to some of the top CIOs, CFOs and CMOs as they are beginning their tenure at a new company or in a new position, as well as shared what our in-house research team has uncovered with regards to their priorities and strategic focus.

Why Should You Care About New Leadership Moves?

Here it is, plain and simple: C-Suite executives are almost always brought into a company for a specific and strategic reason. Some examples might be a lack of performance from their predecessor, a particular pain point, a need to cut costs or streamline processes, or a specific initiative that would be supported by the experience of the new leader. A recent study conducted by DiscoverOrg concluded that in the IT industry, 25% of CIOs who had been in their position for less than a year said that they spent over $1 million, and 71% of those did so in the first three months in their new position.

It’s our job to let you know about these changes in leadership and prime opportunities, but it’s your job to reach out and capitalize on these ideal circumstances.

Reach out to Axalta, State of Minnesota & Kindred Healthcare

Below are the 3 top IT leadership moves from the past week. Use this actionable intelligence to spark interest and a conversation with these executives. We’re all aware of the high turnover rate of C-level executives; the CIOs listed below are given a finite timeline to prove their value at their new organization. Get in touch now, so that your organization can be part of the solution or future strategy.

Axalta Coating Systems (Philadelphia, PA) has appointed Aaron Weis as Chief Information Officer. Weis will report to CEO, Charlie Shaver, and be responsible for all of the information technology infrastructure.

“Information technology is a backbone of our organization,” said Shaver. “Superior information technology enables us to provide our customers with the latest information about our products and ensures we can support their businesses as efficiently as possible. Information technology also makes our business run more effectively which improves our own productivity and speed to market.”

Sources have indicated an increased interest in the development of solutions that will drive self-sufficiency related to the company’s SAP Warehouse Management (WM) functions. Sources have also indicated that Axalta is currently in the midst of migrating data to an enterprise storage system.

State of Minnesota has announced the appointment of Tom Baden as Chief Information Officer, filling the role that was previously held by Carolyn Parnell. Baden will be charged with leading the full range of IT services to over 70 agencies, boards and commissions in Minnesota. He’ll oversee a team of nearly 2,100 people in 90 different locations throughout Minnesota.

“I am thrilled to take on this new role, and eager to continue the work of improving the IT services provided by the State of Minnesota,” said Baden. “Under Gov. Dayton’s leadership, and with the work of many dedicated MN.IT Services employees, we have made great progress in the last four years to streamline and improve our IT systems. I look forward to building on those efforts in the years to come.”

The company is in the midst of developing mobile solutions in support of cutting budgetary costs, such as the MN Report Card, which provides school performance data to teachers, parents, and students by leveraging a mobile-device capable platform. Earlier this year, the state experienced major pain points relating to internet health exchange reporting tools after identifying almost 400 defects with the MNsure website. Many believe that the issues relating to the system’s malfunctioning reporting tools could lead to difficulty implementing future solutions.

Kindred Healthcare (Louisville, KY) has appointed Charles Lebo to Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer. Prior to joining the company he served as Senior Director & Security Officer at Tenet Health. Kindred Healthcare recently announced that they have acquired Centerre Healthcare Corporation for $195 million, indicating that the company is experiencing a period of positive growth. With the company’s recent purchase, sources have indicated that they will be heavily focused in the coming year in centralizing their approach to IT services.

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