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Apple has been making the news A LOT lately. And yesterday was no exception. Unfortunately for the tech giant, it was not for positive reasons. Trusted sources, such as Palo Alto Networks, have confirmed that developers in China were tricked into using software tools that added malicious code into over 300 apps in the Apple Store. The malicious software collects personal information from infected devices and uploads it to outside servers. YIKES!

With these security breaches happening more and more frequently, major corporations are becoming increasingly focused on security measures to prevent these attacks from happening. Being the first to know about these changes in focus, and other types of IT initiatives, gives sellers the upper hand by understanding the issues and priorities their prospect is facing. In fact, research shows that the first vendor to contact a buyer wins the business over 70% of the time.

DiscoverOrg‘s Scoops show what pain points, leadership moves, and initiatives an organization is currently experiencing. Scoops are primed sell opportunities, where all signs indicate that a prospect is ready, willing, and able to purchase.

Below is a small sample of organizations who are heavily focused on information security initiatives RIGHT NOW. Did we mention our in-house research team is the first to uncover 1,000s of these opportunities weekly?


JPMorgan Chase is expected to double spending toward cybersecurity in 2016. The company spent approximately $250 million on cybersecurity in 2014 and plans to spend more than $500 million total in 2015 by the close of the year. The company is in the midst of cybersecurity initiatives that aim to enhance the security through the development of new Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies.

Iowa Network Services is planning major projects related to information security and is expected to spend up to $1 million towards these projects, which are focused on network security, threat detection, cybersecurity, application security, identity management, and risk mitigation. The company is currently evaluating solutions such as Cisco to support these efforts. The organization is also planning to increase spending by up to $500,000 towards planned IT projects surrounding disaster recovery.

Sources have indicated that Gold’s Gym International is interested in projects related to application security, network security, and cyber security. The organization is in the midst of evaluating solutions, including Earthlink, to facilitate future network infrastructure based projects.

Forever 21 has indicated an interest in the evaluation of solutions to support application and network security efforts. The organization is currently leveraging Accertify, Akami, and Symantec solutions. Forever 21 has also indicated an interest in the evaluation of solutions that will support risk mitigation and threat detection efforts.

Men’s Wearhouse is planning to evaluate and build out information security solutions and products based on approved security architecture. The organization has indicated an interest toward networking initiatives related to the company’s Cisco routers and switches, Check Point firewalls, enterprise wifi and application load balancers. Men’s Wearhouse is expected to hire temporary talent to support these efforts.

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