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With the U.S. government reporting that nearly 5.6 million fingerprint images were stolen last week, digital information security is a hot topic right now.

From the biggest names in retail, to mobile apps, to college network security systems, it feels like a new hack pops up everywhere you turn. As a result, InfoSec is also abuzz in company initiatives and spending. And we think it’s a great time to focus our attention on the organizations that are putting information security FIRST on their list of I.T. priorities.

While this prioritization of InfoSec directly influences all of us as consumers, it also greatly benefits those marketing and selling security solutions. Knowing about organizations beginning high-priority initiatives (before they reach out) can be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door as a vendor.

DiscoverOrg‘s Scoops shows what initiatives, pain points, and leadership moves an organization is currently experiencing. Scoops are primed selling opportunities, where all signs indicate that a prospect is ready, willing, and able to purchase.

Below is a small sample of organizations who are heavily focused on information security initiatives RIGHT NOW. Did we mention our in-house research team is the first to uncover 1,000s of these opportunities weekly?


Albert Einstein Healthcare Network has recently named Nick Falcone as the company’s new Chief Information Security Officer. Sources have indicated an interest in the evaluation of solutions to support planned application development, network infrastructure, and information security initiatives. The company has also indicated interest in web initiatives related to the design of a highly-available and scalable web server environment.

Epsilon has named Matt Fearin as Chief Information Security Officer. Fearin succeeds Christopher Ray, who recently left the company. The organization is in the midst of HRIS initiatives related to the implementation and migration of the company’s TimeTrax, Replicon, TimeScape, and Workamajig timekeeping applications to Oracle PeopleSoft timekeeping system. Sources have also indicated an interest in big data analytics using technologies related to Apache Hadoop, Hbase, Pig or MapReduce, Sawzall, and Bigtable.

CNA Financial has recently promoted E. Larry Lidz from Assistant VP, Information Security & Risk Management to the role of Chief Information Security Officer. The organization is expected to be heavily investing in technology and data analytics. CNA Financial is in the midst of big data initiatives for workers compensation claims and adjusters notes. They are continuing to explore the purchasing of data for predictive purposes.


Facebook is in the midst of building out security for its Android Facebook application in an effort to self-secure it separately from potentially outdated browser and mobile OS security. The organization has announced plans to invest approximately $200 million to build a new data center facility located in Prineville, OR. The new facility will leverage internally developed, open compute software including Yosemite, Wedge, and 6-Pack.

Target is planning information security integration and awareness efforts to support the company’s transformation and transition to agile development methodologies. The organization has indicated an interest in the development of cryptography and data protection solutions to support cloud implementation efforts. Target has also indicated an interest toward business intelligence efforts that will optimize the company’s labor forecasting and planning functions.

Sources indicate that Darden Restaurants have an increased interest toward private key infrastructure (PKI). The organization is planning to begin public tests of a mobile payment application in Columbus, OH under the Merchant Customer Exchange. (MCX), a partnership between retailers and restaurants including itself, Target, and Darden Restaurants. The company is planning to roll out the QSA Automations DineTime guest management solution throughout Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse restaurants within the next twelve months in an effort to enhance guest dining experiences.

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