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In the last week we’ve seen three big-name corporations name new CIOs. While General Motors is struggling to regain traction after a nightmarish year of recalls, Windstream just completed an acquisition, and Goodyear is looking toward the future with an IT transformation – the three companies have one major thing in common. They’re all relying heavily on their new CIO to ultimately launch the organizations forward by increasing efficiency, optimizing technology processes, and streamlining operations.

What does this mean for you? It means you have the perfect selling opportunity. A recent study conducted by DiscoverOrg concluded that in the IT industry, 25% of CIOs who had been in their position for less than a year said that they spent over $1 million; 71% of those did so in the first three months in their new position.

Reach out to General Motors, Goodyear and Windstream Corporation:

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General Motors (Detroit, MI): Michael Wolfe has been promoted from Director of Information Technology to Chief Information Officer & Executive Director of Global Connected Customer Experience. Wolfe reports to GM’s CIO Randy Mott. He will be charged with overseeing all IT operations of the Global Connected Customer Experience group, including the OnStar subsidiary and its call centers.

While GM is still recovering from a series of recalls covering almost 30 million vehicles throughout 2014, DiscoverOrg analysts have uncovered the following projects happening right now at GM:

  • GM is in the midst of key software development initiatives spanning full lifestyle development, continuous improvement, and the implementation of code asset management tools.
  • GM is planning to automate infrastructure provisioning, capacity management and asset management functions to support the company’s data center consolidation efforts.
  • GM has secured a new global headquarters in New York City for the company’s Cadillac brand operations. Cadillac employees are expected to migrate to the offices in spring of 2015. This is part of the company’s plan to spin-off its Cadillac brand into a separate business unit as part of a strategic alignment.
  • GM is in the midst of enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and big data projects within the company’s OnStar and global product development areas.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber (Akron, OH): has named Sherry Neubert as Chief Information Officer effective April 1, 2015. Neubert will succeed Jim McKinnon, who is planning to retire. Neubert will report to Laura Thompson, the company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

  • Sources indicate that the organization is in the midst of an IT transformation. They have also indicated increased spending toward improving the company’s information security posture.
  • Sources indicate an increased investment toward evaluating network and telecommunication technology systems for future implementation.
  • The company has been deep in implementing enterprise-wide IT infrastructure standards over the last six months. This will continue for the next six months, as well.

 Windstream Corporation (Little Rock, AR): has announced the appointment of Lewis Langston as Chief Information Officer, effective February 2, 2015. Langston will be replacing current CIO Cindy Nash, who will be leaving the company.

“Lewis’ extensive telecommunications and technology experience will be a tremendous asset in our effort to provide a world-class experience to customers. He successfully led the effort to build the business infrastructure for a wireless company in an expedited manner. He also brings considerable expertise in designing and re-engineering processes to drive improvement,” said Tony Thomas, President and CEO.

  • Sources have indicated increased interest in the use of big data solutions.
  • Sources indicate the company has developed IT implementation plans to support future expansion initiatives.
  • The company acquired Business Only Broadband, a provider of fixed wireless services for enterprises in October 2014, indicating a period of strong financial growth.

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