Recently I stepped into the role as Senior Director of Marketing at DiscoverOrg and, without a doubt; I have taken advantage of the immense buying opportunity created during an organization’s transitional period. Using my situation as an example; when hired in May, like many new senior-level hires, my immediate task was to assess the current environment and make recommendations for strategic improvements. Many of those strategic recommendations involved purchases. Those purchases ranged from small software subscriptions to major installations which we will use throughout the entire company to improve ROI tracking. As substantial as the software purchases were, the buying opportunities didn’t stop there. In just eight weeks our entire marketing department has undergone significant growth and transition, creating many sales opportunities.

Timing is Everything

During this time, when I was evaluating the best strategy for the future of our company, there was a window of opportunity opened for vendors to educate me on how their products or services could help continue to grow our business. The forward initiatives and changes that are undoubtedly forthcoming in this timeframe allow salespeople a unique opportunity to uncover and address emerging company needs.  Waiting means that projects will be identified and moved forward on by the new leader without your input.  Just look at our recent study that shows that 60% of IT Executives leapfrogged an IT Vendor into consideration for a corporate purchase because of a phone call or email. Vendors will be investigated, and budgets will be built, all without your input or expertise if you don’t act on trigger events – like new leadership moves.

These buying opportunities can also be created from a bad previous experience, needed change, and new-found awareness, but many people don’t take advantage of these opportunities since they don’t know about, or act on, the transitional period.


Triggers do two things: First, they give you a reason (and content) to start a conversation. When you call with inside information about transformations or new projects, you are significantly distancing yourself from your competition. Second, scoops give you access to the right person. You’ll be reaching out to the right person at the right time, making sales more efficient and effective. Since you know about their transition, you can help identify where their needs are and how your product can fill those needs.

Don’t Miss Your Opportunity

Scoops are a direct indication of buying opportunity, and the best occasion for buying is when the need and opportunity match.  Proper application of the over 1000 weekly Triggers delivered by DiscoverOrg, is the most effective way to improve your pipeline. The path to the sale is clearer and direct when you have access to the best and most timely information possible.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are some 17 million sales people in the United States today.  Know when your call will best be received, because if you don’t one of those other 17 million sales professionals will.


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Henry Schuck
About the author

Henry Schuck

Henry Schuck is the CEO of DiscoverOrg, an 8-time Fortune 5000 company, which he co-founded at the age of 23. He has extensive experience managing the sales and marketing activities of fast-growing information technology data companies.